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Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 11:08 AM


The San Mateo Daily Journal has made some false statements in their endorsement of Barbara, Faro and Shefren for Sequoia Healthcare District.

“In this difficult economic time, it is tempting to say the district should be dissolved so there is not taxpayer money going to philanthropic purposes.”

Here come the false statement.

“The money would still be collected and instead go to other governmental agencies, so the average tax bill would remain the same regardless of the district’s existence.”

The Grand Jury has received a legal opinion from the San Mateo County Counsel to the effect that the California Taxation and Revenue Code 96.8 authorizes a hospital district such as Sequoia Healthcare District to request the county auditor make a tax reduction in any amount down to zero for the district’s taxpayers on a yearly basis WITHOUT THE REALLOCATION OF THE REDUCED TAXES TO OTHER AGENCIES.

Michael G. Stogner

San Carlos, Ca

another e-mail i sent about incorrect information on the Atherton Almanac

Posted by Michael G. Stogner, a resident of another community, 1 hour ago


“editors, to absorb how the political machinery actually functions.”

I believe the editors clearly understand how the political machinery functions.

“Of the seven candidates running for the three open seats on the Sequoia Healthcare District board, four are qualified to serve.”

“Mr. Hickey’s idea to shut down the district and return money to the taxpayers is bogus ”

— by law the money will continue to be collected but distributed to the remaining special districts.”

First off, It was not Mr. Hickey’s idea to shut down and return money to the taxpayer’s,

it was the GRAND JURY.

Second: “by law the money will continue to be collected but distributed to the remaining special districts.” This is simply a deliberate false statement by the Almanac.

Recommendation 2.20

The Sequoia Healthcare District should reduce property taxes for district taxpayers unless in a future election district voters approve expenditures for purposes not approved by district voters in the 1946 measure establishing the district or in 1996 Measure H. This reduction would equal the amount expended by the district for purposes not approved by the voters in the 1946 measure or in 1996 Measure H and effectively limit district expenditures to those purposes approved by district voters. By this reduction in property tax receipts to be requested under the Revenue and Taxation Code 96.8, property taxes would be lowered for all district taxpayers.

Grand Jury Report

When you see the word Board/District think 5 People.

Here is the response to the GJ report above.

“The Board does not believe that it would be in the best interests of the District to implement the Grand Jury’s recommendations at this time and so DECLINES to do so.”

I think the Almanac owes the Taxpayers and voters of San Mateo County an explanation.

Hickey, Graham and Stogner were only going to do what 2 Grand Jury’s recommended.

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