Carole Groom False Statement about Prosecutorial Misconduct.

Atherton Almanac thread

Supervisor Carole Groom

“I don’t know how many folks in our county know the promise you kept to the Biletnikoff family, after the first case was dismissed or overthrown and you promised that family that you’d come back and re-prosecute and you did, and he was found guilty again and I just think that’s just another example of what your office does.”

I don’t how many folks in our county know (including Supervisor Carole Groom) that Steve Wagstaffe was personally responsible for the murder conviction to be reversed in the first place,  Three Judges from the Ninth District Court ruled his behavior was racially motivated, she doesn’t mention that.

I support San Mateo County re-trying him, he was guilty, I did not support the idea of Mr. Wagstaffe being the prosecutor in the second trial, and I am sorry the Biletnikoff family had to go through another trial.

I think Supervisor Carole Groom’s public description of this event was less than honest.

I sent her and the other Supervisors this e-mail on July 3rd, and to date no response…

Dear Carole,
      I recently saw your public statement to Steve Wagstaffe during a budget hearing on June 21st, 2012. I have to say I was caught completely by surprise at your praise of him keeping a promise to the Biletnikoff family, which was to reprosecute Mr. Ali.  Now, I fully support the second trial and I am pleased with the results, but I did not support Wagstaffe personally prosecuting the case a second time, for this reason. The 9th district court reversed the conviction based on Wagstaffe’s personal behavior.
“The prosecutor’s willingness to make up nonracial reasons for striking [three minority jurors] makes it even harder to believe that his resons for striking [a fourth juror] were race-neutral.”
” We therefore reverse the judgment of the district court and remand with directions to issue a conditional writ of habeas corpus requiring Ali’s release from custody”
 So, while you are praising a man for keeping a promise he is the sole cause for two trials in SMC. At this time, I am requesting you to find out from the DA’s office, how much did both of those trials cost the tax payer’s of San Mateo County?
 Thank you,
 Michael G. Stogner

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