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Upcoming Ballot Measures for this Election and Positions

Another charter amendment, Measure B, would change the manner of electing members of the board of supervisors from an “at-large” system to a “by-district” system. This has been a subject of controversy in our county for a long time and San Mateo County is unique in California in its method of electing supervisors. Although each supervisor represents a specific district, they are subject to election by voters in the entire county. The League has no position on this measure because, each time that the studies and updates of our County Government position were done, members never reached a consensus on the best method of electing board members. This proposal has been on the ballot before, but it was rejected by voters. The method of election has been challenged by legal action recently so it will be interesting to see the outcome. The League emphasizes that it has no position on this measure.”

Kathy Everett from League of Women Voters Vote

KATHY EVERITT: AT-LARGE, NO ballot measure

(nominated by League of Women Voters)

City of San Mateo resident, Former IR agent and tax accountant, civic volunteer, Senior Citizens Commissioner.

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