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San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Andy Mar NOT GUILTY of Brandishing.

The Jury found Deputy Andy Mar not guilty today.

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San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier does it again. Appoints when she knows better.

This time was way different, she voted on something that was NOT on the Agenda July 12, 2016. Carlos G. Bolanos who was NOT an applicant to be appointed to Sheriff, nobody was.

A previous appointment of a vacant Supervisor seat in 2008, she voted to appoint Carole Groom instead of listening to almost everyone else in San Mateo County who wanted the 11/10 applicants to be placed on the ballot so that the voters of the county filled this important seat even at the estimated cost of $1.6M. Here is a short list of others who knew this was wrong, John Maltbie, John Beiers, David Silberman, Michelle Durand, Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, Carole Groom & Dave Pine. Journalist Bill Silverfarb, Marshall Wilson.

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San Mateo County Acting Sheriff is investigating his investigators.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said Friday the agency was investigating whether the investigation into a Millbrae teacher’s alleged sexual misconduct had been mishandled after the agency failed to follow through with two separate probes based on previous reports of the woman’s sexual relationship with an underage girl.

Heather Amanda Butts 40 was arrested August 17, 2016, after officials determined she was having sexual relationship with a 15 year old female. The first Investigation by the San Mateo County Sheriff Office was started October 2015. What happened?

The Sexual Assault Unit at the Sheriff Office was closed shortly after Greg Munks and Carlos G. Bolanos were caught and detained as customers of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves (some underaged) in FBI Sting called Operation Dollhouse on April 21, 2007 at a single family residence located at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I’m disappointed the investigation was not completed in a timely manner and it does not reflect the level of service we routinely provide the residents of Millbrae or the communities we serve,” San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos said in a statement.

I say Yes this does reflect the level of service the SMCSO provides the residents. I recently reported at San Carlos City Council meeting that the SMCSO Gang Task Force does not fill out Incident Reports, when they make contact with citizens even when an assault and threat occur from GTF Deputy to citizen.

We can expect much more of this now that Supervisors Don Horsley, Adrienne Tisser, and Warren Slocum have illegally appointed Carlos G. Bolanos to Sheriff July 12, 2016.

“San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, which admitted late last week the law enforcement agency serving Millbrae did not adequately follow through on repeated reports that Heather Butts allegedly committed sexual acts with a child while she was working as an English and drama teacher at the school.” SMDJ Justin Walsh

Welcome to San Mateo County



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San Mateo County Sheriff approves this Firearm. S&W .45 It has No Safety.

This is NUTS,

I just learned last week in the SMCSO Deputy Andy Mar Trial that the weapon/firearm that was fully loaded including one in the chamber that he pulled from his holster and held with both hands aiming it (above his head) of Jose Verdusco a San Mateo County Employee doesn’t have a safety on it.

Why would anybody allow this weapon to be issued to Law Enforcement in our County?



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Human Trafficking of Sex Slaves

San Mateo County announced a new position last year called Human Trafficking Coordinator, Mike Brosnan was picked for it and $140,000 of Measure A funds were authorized.

I don’t know why or how Mr. Brosnan was picked for that position because the County never announced it until they created it.

What did San Mateo County get for its investment?

Here is a recent example in another county without a Human Trafficking Coordinator.

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Secure the 400 County Center Building.

Why would this take so long?


Grand Jury Report


Scan 7.jpeg

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August 26, 2016 · 11:46 am

What are the odds?

San Mateo County Coup July 12, 2016

These public employees/professionals were unable to notify the 750,000 residents that there was a slight/remote chance that Carlos G. Bolanos could be appointed SHERIFF at the regular Board of Supervisor Meeting of July 12, 2016

Did any of them think to place that important subject on Agenda Item 7?

That is the job of John Maltbie Clerk of the Board.

Did the Clerk of the Board brief the Supervisors that the Grand Jury of 2008 already handled this topic and advised the expense of $1.6M for election of a Supervisor vacancy? “The decision to appoint rather than elect a Board member in 2008 was inappropriate.”

Grand Jury Report. Appointment vs. Election

Announce it on their FB pages, or on the County website under NEWSROOM.

Tweet about it, send e-mails, phone calls etc.

None of that happened. Not one person from the general public was notified.

John Maltbie              $544,000

Michael Callagy         $300,000

John Beiers                 $467,000

Michelle Durand       $167,000

David Silberman       $317,000

Don Horsley               $200,000

Adrienne Tissier       $200,000

Warren Slocum         $200,000

Carole Groom             $200,000

Dave Pine                     $200,000

Carlos G. Bolanos      $414,000

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