What are the odds?

San Mateo County Coup July 12, 2016

These public employees/professionals were unable to notify the 750,000 residents that there was a slight/remote chance that Carlos G. Bolanos could be appointed SHERIFF at the regular Board of Supervisor Meeting of July 12, 2016

Did any of them think to place that important subject on Agenda Item 7?

That is the job of John Maltbie Clerk of the Board.

Did the Clerk of the Board brief the Supervisors that the Grand Jury of 2008 already handled this topic and advised the expense of $1.6M for election of a Supervisor vacancy? “The decision to appoint rather than elect a Board member in 2008 was inappropriate.”

Grand Jury Report. Appointment vs. Election

Announce it on their FB pages, or on the County website under NEWSROOM.

Tweet about it, send e-mails, phone calls etc.

None of that happened. Not one person from the general public was notified.

John Maltbie              $544,000

Michael Callagy         $300,000

John Beiers                 $467,000

Michelle Durand       $167,000

David Silberman       $317,000

Don Horsley               $200,000

Adrienne Tissier       $200,000

Warren Slocum         $200,000

Carole Groom             $200,000

Dave Pine                     $200,000

Carlos G. Bolanos      $414,000

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