D.A. Office & Sheriff Office are the same when it comes to the SMC Deputy Andy Mar case.

April 13, 2015 From the moment they got the call from Human Resources that SMCSO Andy Mar pulled his firearm and aimed it at a San Mateo County Employee Custodian Jose Verdusco. The Sheriff’s Office was committed to not arrest and charge one of its own.

The San Mateo County Sheriff Office should not have investigated this case, they should have referred it to outside agency. Here is why, when when Sheriff Sgt. went to courtroom 7B to find and speak to Deputy Andy Mar, Deputy Mar said “I know why you are here.” “I did it.” The Sgt. forcefully told him to shut up, to protect him. The Sgt. did not take his belt and firearm away at that moment, he was not placed under arrest, he was not sent home. This is a man who just admitted he committed a crime.

The Sheriff’s Office behavior allowed Deputy Andy Mar to go to the cafeteria to confront Jose Verdusco a second time. Witness Intimidation. Eye contact with hand on firearm.

UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has phone conversation with DDA Karen Guidotti where he makes disparaging remarks about the Victim Jose Verdusco.

This case was always a FELONY case. That is where THOSE WHO MATTER come into play. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has the authority to charge the case whatever he wants to and he did in this case, he UNDERCHARGED it and left out some pretty important facts that the jury never heard about.

Mission Accomplished Sheriff Deputy protected.

Note Deputy Andy Mar never ran for the office of Sheriff.

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