San Mateo County Sheriff Appointment of Carlos G. Bolanos July 12, 2016 A COUP, By Elected Officials and Others.

Video July 12, 2016 BOS Meeting Agenda Item 7 2:19:00 mark SMCC John Beiers tells the Supervisors they are there to discuss how to fill the Sheriff position.

The Supervisors were to discuss which PROCESS to use to fill the vacant seat of Sheriff after our former Sheriff Greg Munks received a full medical retirement and he quit. The Grand Jury had already worked on this issue in 2008 and informed the Supervisors that they should not have appointed Carole Groom to fill Jerry Hill’s vacant seat. They even recommended the Supervisors spend $1,600,000 to pay for the election.

San Mateo County Manager’s Office Deletes Document 

2008 Grand Jury Report Appointment vs. Election

The remarks made July 12, 2016 agenda item 7 by Supervisors Don Horsley, Warren Slocum and Adrienne Tissier were impossible to make with any honesty.  Here is why I say that at the BOS meeting of June 2, 2015 14:20 mark I informed them of a criminal complaint I filed with the Attorney Generals Office. I reported the State of California DMV Computer had been hacked in the Deputy Juan Lopez case. Most likely by the SMCSO.

June 2, 2015 BOS Meeting

December 15, 2015 I informed the Board of Supervisors that San Mateo County Sheriff Sqt. Jason E. Peardon was a Brady Officer and I didn’t understand how he was employed as a SMCSO employee. UnderSheriff Carlos G. Bolanos would have known that.

December 15, 2015 BOS Meeting 5:18 mark

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