San Mateo County Manager and Supervisors response to Grand Jury Report on Inmates and Bail.

SMC Grand Jury Report Bail Practices

Response to Grand Jury

Prosecutorial Misconduct is missing from the response. San Mateo County Leaders have been warned for at least 16 years about Prosecutorial Misconduct and the Deep Level of Corruption in the District Attorney’s Office. This would be the first place to audit, if the DA’s Office is overcharging defendants that impacts the bail amount.

Prosecutorial Misconduct Link

We support a Citizens Oversight Committee.

Social Security Issue is also missing from both the Grand Jury Report and the response. When a person is arrested and placed in our jail the S.S. benefits stop.

Michael Kazarian case a great example Acquitted on all 17 counts, 10 months in jail.

Karen Teichmann case vs. Miguel Cisneros case similar with very different results. Karen all charges dropped Miguel in prison for life. What was the difference?

A new Law AB 1909 thanks to Patty Lopez and Gov. Brown Prosecutors can be charged with a Felony, It’s about time.

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