The YES on Measure K Mailer.

Measure K is a 20 year extension of Measure A which the leaders of San Mateo County misled the voters according to the San Mateo County Grand Jury.

San Mateo County Grad Jury Report

Says: Continuing to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

That sounds very noble and the right thing to do.

When any elected official or resident of San Mateo County hears about Human Trafficking they all think about San Mateo County Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos being detained as a CUSTOMER of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves on April 21, 2007, in a single family residence located at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada in a 2 year multi jurisdictional Sting called Operation Dollhouse lead by the FBI. Everyone knows that Carlos Bolanos has refused to comment about it.

San Mateo County Managers Office has invested a lot of money to set up a website to assure the residents that the Measure A money is being spent properly. What are some examples to back up the statement about combating Human Trafficking and the exploitation of children. What did we get for the $140,000 Measure A investment for the contract with former Deputy Chief of SSF Police Mike Brosnan. He was hired as San Mateo County’s Human Trafficking Coordinator. His new 1 year contract has just been approved at $280,000 of Measure A money.

Try to find it yourself.

San Mateo County Measure A Dashboard

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