San Mateo County

Recommends VOTE NO on Measure K  on November 8, 2016 election.

Measure K is a 20 year extension of the 10 year Measure A sales tax. The tax income was expected to be $60,000,000 per year it has exceeded that amount by $20,000,000 each of the 3 years in place. Measure A was a dishonest measure, the Supervisors lied to the public about the County’s financials, they promoted the false story of a Deficit when we had a surplus. The 2012 San Mateo County Grand Jury warned the residents about the dishonest Supervisors.

Inconvenient Truth about SMC’s Structural Deficit, There isn’t one

The easiest way to think about Measure K is that it is brought to you by the same Lying Bastards that brought you Measure A.

Here is a letter to the editor of the SMDJ who declined to publish it.

County Officials would have us believe that somehow the extension of the measure A half cent sales tax passed in 2012 will be used to improve the quality of life in San Mateo County and would be spent on Police, Fire, Emergency Services, and are lately claiming the revenue will be used to help fund our current hot-button issue: Affordable Housing. In keeping with state law, this local sales tax revenue will go to the general fund. Conservatives should reject this out of hand because it’s an additional tax that will hurt local retailers and business owners large and small. Liberals should reject this out of hand because sales tax measures are a disproportionate burden on those least able to afford it. Progressive Voters know that The Measure A deficit was created by the $60 million dollars approval on the new jail, and everybody should reject this out of hand based on the dishonesty. The county budget is over 2 billion and the fact that the poor are being nickel and dimed for problems created by rich, out of town investors and developers is further evidence that we live in an oligarchy rather than a democracy.

Aaron Castle, San Bruno

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