San Mateo County Correctional Officer Jason Robert Jurow Sentenced to 90 days.

A former San Mateo County Correctional Officer has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for bringing drugs into the Maguire Correctional Facility.

September 12, 2016  33-year-old Jason Robert Jurow pleaded no contest to one felony count of possession of drugs in a jail. He was initially charged with three counts, as well as two felony counts of possession of drugs for sale.

Jurow showed up for work on May 20, 2015, under the influence of a controlled substance and in possession of Xanax, according to prosecutors. A follow-up investigation revealed that he had been prescribed thousands of pills, including oxycodone and morphine, and had sold drugs to a friend or relative on three occasions.

Judge Elizabeth Lee’s decision to sentence Jurow to 90 days in jail, which he may be able to serve in a residential treatment program, and three years of supervised probation was too lenient, Wagstaffe said.

“I think that (Lee) was working from a position of knowing that he had an addiction,” Wagstaffe said. “That’s what carried the day for her. … If it was me, I would have focused more on the betrayal of his position as a law enforcement officer.

He is currently out of custody on $75,000 bail bond and slated to begin serving his sentence Oct. 29, 2016.

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