Menlo Park Police don’t know how to make an arrest, according to DA Wagstaffe.

I don’t think for a moment that MPPD made any errors here. The easiest way to comprehend what is going on here is to think of Organized Crime. Those Who Matter control who gets charged.

David Bohannon II was arrested twice by the Menlo Park Police Department. The first time was for Domestic Violence assault and second time was for violation a restraining order.

Mr Bohannon was scheduled to appear in court yesterday at 8:30 AM Instead of a case number and a courtroom to appear in it said he was to report to the clerks office.In the 16 years or reporting about court cases I have never seen that before.  DA Wagstaffe refused to file charges.

San Mateo County might consider Stop granting Restraining Orders all together. It gives a false sense of safety to the Victims and their loved ones. Our DA doesn’t enforce them. Colin T. Smith a San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy at the time he was arrested for violating a Restraining Order. Our DA produced a case that caused a conviction to be reversed because of Prosecutorial Misconduct and then refused to retry it. There is NO commitment to enforce Restraining Orders in San Mateo County especially if you are one of the

Those Who Matter people.


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