Woodside High School attacker is charged with a crime.

Jade Armenio was attacked while sitting with other students during a break. There were several young men right there with her and did nothing to stop it. The attacker was a female student of WHS and is being charged in Juvenile Court. Why is she not being charged as an adult? Did the school or her parents not teach her to keep her hands to her self? If you disagree with someone you don’t assault them.

Todd Armenio. Jade father was quoted in PADP article as saying,  ” A lot of minorities at the school thought it was OK that someone COULDN’T express there views and First Amendment rights, and that they should get the crap beaten out of them.”

He also said “The family was looking for other schools for Jade to attend.”

The video that I watched was sickening, and not just because of the violent beating, but the casual actions of the male students. That was Disgusting behavior.


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