Should San Mateo County continue doing Internal Investigations? McKowan & Lopez cases.

In 2012 DDA Melissa McKowan was suspended without pay (24 Hours) for being Dishonest. This is a person that Prosecutes People and Steve Wagstaffe and Karen Guidotti know she lies. The suspension which Steve Wagstaffe said was appropriate didn’t stop her dishonest behavior. Within 60 days of this suspension she did it again. She was in San Francisco this week at the State Bar Court for more charges of Dishonesty.

San Mateo County residents should know that all seven Print Newspapers that serve you were notified in advance of this court date. None chose to print a story about a Prosecutor being charged with dishonesty. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe sends stories of interest to reporters every day and has for years, this did not make his list either.

State Bar of California vs. Melissa KcKowan

Melissa Mckowan’s Response

Former Sheriff Deputy Juan P.Lopez was suspended for 200 hours later reduced to 150 he appealed and lost. The Investigating against him was conducted by a dishonest SMC Sgt. The Board of Supervisors have been notified of this information and they fail to act.

Deputy Juan P. Lopez SMDJ article

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