CHP Officers shot and killed armed suspect on Northound US101 at SR 92.

Advisory: UPDATED Media Release – CHP Officers involved in Fatal Shooting of Suspect resulting in Traffic Shut Down – Additional Details

Dear Michael Stogner,

MEDIA AND COMMUNITY UPDATE – Saturday, April 29 – 1pm

San Mateo Police Department

Investigators from all three agencies worked through the night to thoroughly process the scene, obtain multiple statements, and sort through much additional evidence and investigative information. We are able to provide the following additional information, which is all that is available at this time:


Just after 5:30pm, CHP Officers encountered an armed adult male suspect on northbound US101 at SR92. Three officers fired at the suspect, fatally wounding him. None of the officers were injured. San Mateo Police Department assisted by investigating the suspect’s criminal actions leading up to the shooting, and the San Mateo County DA’s Office responded to investigate the legality of the officers actions. CHP was on scene and handled the administrative investigation of their officers’ response. All three investigations are being conducted independently, but are occurring simultaneously.

The immense and complex ensuing crime scene and investigation left no option but to close down this portion of US101, for the safety of investigators and motorists. The hours-long crime scene investigation involved numerous pieces of evidence scattered over a wide swath of US101. The scene was meticulously documented by expert personnel in order to provide a clear three-dimensional picture to all three investigating agencies. This created significant traffic impacts until the reopening of US101 just before 1am Saturday morning.


Based on the investigation to date, including original reports to CHP and independent witness information, it is clear that this incident was originally reported as a traffic collision, and updated to include reports of one of the involved parties being armed.

CHP Officers arrived to find the suspect brandishing a firearm (handgun). Independent witnesses confirm CHP Officers made significant efforts to de-escalate the suspects behavior, order him to drop the firearm, and attempt to negotiate with the suspect. These significant efforts were unsuccessful, and CHP Officers, faced with immediate safety concerns for themselves, witnesses at the scene, and heavy vehicular traffic at rush hour, fired at the suspect, fatally wounding him.

It should be noted that CHP Officers at the scene and responding SMPD Officers immediately made efforts to render first aid to the suspect following the shooting, as fire and medics raced to the scene.

Investigation determined that CHP interrupted the suspect as he was in the process of an armed carjacking of the vehicle and driver involved in the original reported collision. The victim (second vehicle driver) is a 55 year-old woman from the east bay. She was uninjured beyond a complaint of pain from the vehicle collision.

The identity of the suspect in this case is still unavailable, as the Coroner’s Office continues to complete their investigation and notification process.

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