San Mateo County Family Court Success Story, Lifetime Child Support for Disabled Children. Why did it take so long?

My friends – Thank you all for your incredible support throughout these tough 9 years. I’ve met you all after I separated from my abusive ex husband – through advocacy, church, and the domestic violence survivors Facebook group. I wouldn’t have done this without your kind words and emotional support. I didn’t just fight for me and my children but for all domestic violence survivors. We stand as one and we share each victory. This is a new beginning for us all. I made history at the San Mateo County Court House and in a no – fault state. And the law will be changed starting today – disabled children will receive lifetime child support from the parent with the highest income, home-maker or disabled wives (and fathers) who put the time and effort during the marriage will receive lifetime spousal support when married over 10 years. Child support should be extended for all children until 21. Special needs children will receive lifetime child support. Wives (or husbands) who were married over 10 years and are unable to work full time based on health and ability or education or age will receive lifetime spousal support from the ex-partner. And all divorce processes should be finalized within 1 year rather than in 5 to 10 year lengthy exhausting battles. Children should not be forced to visit or live with their abusive fathers or mothers. I’m creating a petition to change the law and it will be finalized in January for the rights of all. AND SAY NO TO NO FAULT STATES.

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