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Update by Dan Moss July 14, 2017

We’re waiting for official confirmation from the San Mateo County Sheriffs office about the status of Richard and his car. Sadly, we should know within days that he is gone. I have no words to tell you how we feel. It’s like a hole in our heart is the best way to describe it.

His car has apparently gone off a cliff just north of Montara State Beach. The same place many others have crashed and died. Our search team managed to get evidence of the crash and they are going out in the morning, July 14th to recover more items.

My sadness is turning to anger. The anger has to do with CalTrans. Please see my next post for more.

I’ve talked to many members in the community about this. As far as we can tell, it appears that Richard and his vehicle crashed on the next to last turn while he was headed southbound on Hwy 1 after exiting the Tom Lantos Tunnel on May 25th at 7:12 am, just north of Montara State Beach. The crash more than likely ended in Richards death.

Here’s the problem. The exact area where Richards car went over the cliff has also had numerous crashes. As a matter of fact, it’s routinely talked about that cars have gone over the cliff in this area and there is debris and cars in the water to prove it. Kindly think about this.

In this particular case Richard Moss died. In September, a young woman died in the same spot. There are numerous deaths at the same spot, yet CalTrans has done nothing about this to protect our lived ones.

Things are going to be changing, my extended Ohana. Please read the next post.

Hi Friends and family.

Richards AAA card was found on Montara State Beach in a line of seaweed just below the restaurant today. We’ve organized a search party to begin around 5:00 pm to do a grid by grid search of the beach. We need your help. We’d like to get about 30 volunteers.

Patrice will meet everyone at the dirt parking lot on the north end of the beach by Martini Creek. She’s wearing a bright blue sweatshirt.

Dan 808-343-4110

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