San Mateo County’s Historical Human Trafficking trial that District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe didn’t want anybody to attend. Mathew Graves Case.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County’s District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has for many years e-mailed daily to his favorite people who act like News Reporters and their businesses that look like Newspapers, He determines what is Newsworthy for the 780,000 residents. He did not think the Mathew Graves case was newsworthy until he got the Conviction. Why?

Here for the first time the public can hear from his mother, Had any reporters attended either the trial or the sentencing hearing they would have heard these words.

Statement from Mother of Man Convicted of Trafficking

I first must say I, by no means, negate the seriousness of Human Trafficking. It is a traumatic human experience that should not happen.

Second, I want to say I am African American and my ancestors were brought here as enslaved persons forced to work for centuries under the torment of a racist system which has significant lingering effects to this day and, unfortunately it will continue until…?

Third, the term Sex Trafficking is given the term “Modern-Day Slavery”.

That being said, my son was convicted and sentenced to 34 years for pimping, pandering, trafficking a minor.


There were articles in the San Mateo Daily Journal and some other publication that ran this story. Jury issues first-ever human trafficking conviction in county: Man found guilty of crimes stemming from Burlingame & Man gets 34-year sentence for human trafficking conviction.

Like I said, the man in article is my son. My son has a 4-year old daughter named Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards). My son had gotten into some trouble ten years ago and paid his debt to society. My son is a barber by profession. He was born in San Mateo but we moved to Berkeley where he has lived for 28 years. Yes, he has lots of family and friends and he is a good person by all accounts. My son and his generation are a part of the hip/hop generation. That generation of youngster take fun and activities to a different level from the 50s, 60s and 70s generations.


That basically is who my son is. No, he is not a human trafficker. He refused to accept the deal and he was convicted for charges that his part in the situation does not amount to those labels. Those who matter know that.

It has been a long, painful process. My son is innocent of those charges. It is a travesty of justice that a law allowed lies, embellishments, false/scripted testimony, lack of witnesses, dismissal of evidence take a man away from his family and the so called “victim” continued the behavior she had before she disrupted my son’s life, while she disrupted my son’s life and after my son was detained. All she did was change her name on her social media accounts and continued on with her “activities”. My son was detained 12/10/15 because of her statements on the police reports and she was posting again 1/6/16 directing persons to her “PaidAss” Instagram account. However, the DA office turned a “blind eye” on her and blamed absolutely all her behavior around on my son! Really! Now, he is sentenced to 34 years. Really!


The article states she showed up at the hospital with bruises. That is not cool at all for that to happen. I do not want anyone to be hurt. But that where it stops if you want to accuse my son of forced labor. As I said in the beginning of the article, our ancestors were brought to this country and forced into labor. My son, under no circumstance, is that! “Modern-Day Slavery” – The hypocrisy of that insinuation.

The jury got it wrong. The DA got it wrong. “Wagstaffe, Please do not state those inflammatory statements about my son. You do not know him!” This situation went into a direction it should not have. Too many lies, mistakes, accusations, false evidence warrants my son’s life. Justice was not served here. Not in the least bit. The politics convicted an innocent man of those charges. Fix it and set my son free!

Crystal Graves.

Is San Mateo County’s District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe a racist? Yes

Do all of the County Leaders, Supervisors Don Horsley, Warren Slocum, Dave Pine, Carole Groom, Dave Canepa, County Manager John Maltbie, County Counsel John Beiers know this fact? Yes

Steve Wagstaffe contacted and starred in a America’s Most Wanted episode involving Victor Willis, lead singer for the Village People. He failed to show up for a drug court appearance, he happens to be black.

READ THE CONCLUSION The Judges are talking about DA Wagstaffe, Pretexts=Lying


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3 responses to “San Mateo County’s Historical Human Trafficking trial that District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe didn’t want anybody to attend. Mathew Graves Case.

  1. Is the DA’s office involved in its own trafficking ring? Did they peg someone else to take the heat off? Did his person happen to black?

  2. obamaspeaks

    My son, Matthew Graves, is black if that is your question.

  3. Mark J De Paula

    Mathew Graves case is one not to be forgotten, this man needs a new trial. I attended along with other concerned citizens. Michael Stogner was the only reporter to attend the sentencing hearing. Where are the other so called reporters?
    34 years for Mathew Graves, crazy!

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