San Mateo County’s Prosecution of Matthew Graves was Hateful & Vicious.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County’s Historical First Jury Trial of a Human Trafficking Case. Why was this case ever tried at this level in the first place? I want to be clear here, I’m talking about the prosecution only, what in the world motivated District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe to go forward with these charges. A 28 year old black man and father of a 4 year old daughter has been sentenced to 34 years to life in prison. This case does not involve 25 women forced into prostitution like the FBI Operation Dollhouse Sting did. It involved one woman and her statements.

The District Attorney is Elected by the people, they are responsible for his/her behavior.

DDA Melissa McKowan who should have been fired by Steve Wagstaffe 7 years ago is going to trial next month August 15-18 in San Francisco. The State Bar has charged her with 2 counts of Dishonesty. Think about that a San Mateo County Employee who prosecutes people is dishonest and has been for 7 years that we know of. How many innocent people have been convicted in San Mateo County because of this supported behavior?

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One response to “San Mateo County’s Prosecution of Matthew Graves was Hateful & Vicious.

  1. Mark J De Paula

    Thank goodness for a newspaper telling the truth about San Mateo County justice.

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