State Bar Court Suspends C.C.C. Former District Attorney Mark Peterson.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

The State Bar Court announced yesterday July 28, 2017 the Temporary Suspension which takes effect next month.

The reason Mark Peterson is Former District Attorney is that he was offered the “Those who Matter” plea bargain of reducing 13 Felony charges to 1 of Perjury back in June. That’s over 90% of the charges gone, why?  This is the person trusted with charging people with crimes. If any case deserved to go to court on ALL charges this was one.

Doron Weinberg is Mark Peterson’s attorney. This is a small world connection, Doron Weinberg was SMC’s Dr. William Ayres attorney in the criminal trial and DDA Melissa McKowan was the prosecutor.

In San Mateo County DDA Melissa McKowan is in State Bar Court

State Bar matter 13-O-13293

August 15-18, 2017 for 2 counts of Dishonesty, Not the first time I might add. She should have been terminated as a San Mateo County Employee and disbarred back in 2010.

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One response to “State Bar Court Suspends C.C.C. Former District Attorney Mark Peterson.

  1. Mark

    Thank you for the great reporting on these isses

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