San Mateo County Board of Supervisors give $350,000 of Measure A money to Samtrans to “Educate the Public”

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

Measure A was promoted to assure the public that Critical Services would continue. We are not sure how giving Jim Hartnett $350,000 to pay for outreach to see what is needed to pass a Tax Measure in November 2018 has to do with critical services. One of the speakers in favor of this terrible idea was Jim Hartnett’s wife, Rosanne Foust representing SAMCEDA. If the Supervisors had any interest in honesty or transparency they would have acknowledged that relationship upfront. SAMTRANS is spending a total of $650,000 for the Education Campaign. This is the same organization that had several accountants meet with the District Attorney’s Office to report that they were ordered to commit fraud, They told the DA where to find $2.5M and he did find it exactly where they said it was. The idea that Taxpayer money would be used against Taxpayers to pass another Tax Measure is typical for San Mateo County. The 2012 Grand Jury warned the public it’s leaders were misleading them, it’s now up to them.

SamTrans has hired two consulting firms to help with outreach and creating a technical as well as stakeholder working groups leading up to the November 2018 election. What’s not in this group is the residents of San Mateo County who will be paying for this and who’s Quality of Life is being destroyed.

Jim Hartnett’s wife Rosanne Foust SAMCEDA

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