SMC DDA Melissa KcKowan gets Public Reproval with/duties effective August 31, 2017

The Sate Bar case number 13-0-13293 has issued a public reproval with/duties. She was charged with 2 counts of dishonesty. Think about it San Mateo County has a prosecutor who is dishonest. Now think about this her two bosses Steve Wagstaffe and Karen Guidotti have known that for several years. What does that say about the entire District Attorney’s Office. What does it say about the 7 businesses that look and act like Newspapers, all 7 refused to notify the 780,000 residents of the charges and the first trial date of April 17, 2017. 2 papers refused to allow me to blog about it.

San Mateo Daily Journal

State Bar


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2 responses to “SMC DDA Melissa KcKowan gets Public Reproval with/duties effective August 31, 2017

  1. In comments that I posted on the San Mateo Daily Journal link that you’ve noted above, I point out that McKowan’s attorney Paul DeMeester noted (on behalf of McKowan) that “McKowan’s critics unfairly blamed the prosecutor for a hung jury.”

    And yet, McKowan herself told the Mercury news in 2011 that “she acknowledged two mistakes that she believes cost her the conviction.”
    ( )

    Why then, IMMEDIATELY after she’s been disciplined for making untrue statements derogatory of her critics (Balfour, for example) is she (through her attorney) turning around and making more derogatory, and untrue statements of her critics.

    Maybe in her first disciplinary quarterly report to the Bar, she can throw DeMeester under the bus, and wash her hands of it.

    And, don’t even get me started on the press. I’ve long since stopped posting anything at all on the Almanac. That rag is run by “Operation Dollhouse” Sheriff’s Cronies. The last post I made there was EDITED to make it say something that I had no intention of saying, and when I asked them to remove it, I got nothing but radio silence. I would recommend just avoiding them altogether.

    Remember when Michelle Durand was at SMDJ? When we tried to get her to cover some of the stuff that was REALLY going on, she’d treat us like we were insane.

    And then she left for a position as Spokes-hole for San Mateo County — Her last article on SMDJ said that she “spent nearly 14 years telling San Mateo County’s stories [as a reporter for SMDJ] and this position is another opportunity to continue doing so.”

    She basically told us that the Bay Area newspapers are essentially nothing more than PR rags for the local government.
    No journalist, she: George Orwell had this to say: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

  2. fred

    Its a true embarrassment to all who struggle in this age! A back step to all the hard work public officials provide to us all! I’m truly dismayed that this behavior is tolerated, not to mentioned dismissed by her superiors with all the problems we face in our time, we still cant seem to address obvious short comings. she should be disbarred! How many others have been railroaded, or illegally prosecuted?

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