Are the San Mateo County Election Systems secure ?

The question remains. Are the San Mateo County elections free from potential ” hacks ” or manipulation ?  The scientific answer is “no they are not ” and in fact they suffer from the same vulnerability issues as other less prosperous counties.

San Mateo County enjoys wealth others envy, but our election systems contain the same ” black box” proprietary software  ailments causing security nightmares nationwide. In fact, it’s not about the cost, as more secure systems actually cost less. The issue is one of ” political will ” . Silicon Valley is the cash register for politicians, and wield a heavy stick when it comes to their position of resisting  open source ” free” software
Though we are located in the smartest technology zone we have failed to lead in the area of election system security. We have continued to be cozy with vendors selling over-priced insecure voting equipment based on buggy Microsoft platforms.
Former CIA Director James Woolsey called out Microsoft “and those who bob in their wake ” as threats to the national security in a recent NY Times piece.
San Francisco is moving forward with a project toward public software voting  systems.
The hope is that San Mateo County is brave and bold enough to stand up for the national security by joining San Francisco and New Hampshire. New Hampshire has deployed public systems with great success, increasing security and saving taxpayer money
Let’s encourage our Supervisors to stand up and make sure when you vote for George Washington, it’s not counted for Benedict Arnold.
Brent Turner
Half Moon Bay

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