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San Mateo County Supervisors’ Moral Responsibility.

Subject: Board of Supervisors’ moral responsibilty
Date: February 24, 2018 at 1:17:47 PM PST


Dear San Mateo Board of Supervisors,
Please, it is not necessary to respond to my email.  
Supervisor Dave Pine said in the Daily Journal:

“I don’t foresee the Board of Supervisors intervening in the dispute between the two commissioners,” he said, while noting he had not yet seen the report.

This is not a dispute; it is a matter of facts.  There is proof.  There is admission.
Here is the problem.  What if everyone felt that way?  Let’s not intervene with school shootings, let’s not intervene with anything unpleasant.  The Board of Supervisors has a moral responsibility to intervene on the part of Sabrina Brennan’s issues.  
Mattusch did something immoral and by the Board doing nothing but letting it pass by, they are part of the problem and more elected officials will be doing the same thing by not interfering and we are back to square one.  
Whether it meets some standard of serious harassment or not, it is the principle: What Mattusch did is an serious embarrassment for all the elected officials of San Mateo County and for that reason alone the Board of Supervisors should stand up and be counted.
Thank you for reading this,
Coralin Feierbach
3206 East Laurel Creek Road
Belmont CA 94002

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Caltrain Systemwide Brownout shut down trains for 1 hr.

Wednesday February 14, 2018 all trains came to stop for approximately 1 hour at 8AM. Caltrain has not identified what caused disruption yet.

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