Mark De Paula a San Mateo County Concerned Citizen is requesting all Elected Officials to withdraw Endorsement of Carlos G. Bolanos for Sheriff 2018.

Mark De Paula

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

Mark De Paula is about as Good & Concerned Citizen as you can get.

In 2015 he personally went to Las Vegas and invested 3 days of his time and money to get to the truth about what really happened April 21, 2007 ending a 2 year Sting by the FBI called Operation Dollhouse where Carlos G. Bolanos was caught and detained Inside a single family residence at 3474 Eldon Street Las Vegas, Nevada as a CUSTOMER of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves which included Children.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department Spokesperson Bill Cassell and Lt. Karen Hughes both placed him inside the single family residence. For the last 11 years he has refused to discuss this subject and none of the 7 advertising businesses claiming to be newspapers have ever asked him. Q. Carlos G. Bolanos where you ever inside 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas Nevada on a Saturday night of April 21, 2007? Why would two law enforcement Officers who were working the Sting Operation that night say you were inside if you weren’t?

What Carlos G. Bolanos did communicate at a News Conference at 400 County Center Redwood City on April 24, 2007. He denied that he went there to pay for sex, which brings up the next question. What was your intention regarding the payment for sex in an illegal bordello?

Mark De Paula has recently received a CD-Rom titled Operation Dollhouse from the FBI after a 3 year wait. He is prepared to share this information with every single elected official who is currently endorsing Carlos G. Bolanos for Sheriff of San Mateo County 2018. He is confident they do not know the truth about that night and if the did they would withdraw their endorsements immediately. He has met and communicated with Assemblyman Kevin Mullins’ office and shared this information so far Mullins is still endorsing Bolanos. Below is photo of FBI CD-Rom that another Good and Concerned Citizen John Ullom received. Mark’s has his name on it. So that makes 2 citizens who spent the time and money to get to the truth and 7 advertising businesses who didn’t.

Lets see who is the first elected official to come to his/her senses and withdraw their endorsement.

Mr. De Paula has now gone to the Board of Supervisors’ Office and met with staff to formally request that each withdraw their endorsement after being briefed on the information that he now has from the FBI. Mr. De Paula will be speaking at the March 13,  2018 (9:00 sharp) Board of Supervisor meeting during public comment which is normally limited to 2 minutes, he has requested he have 3 minutes and that has been approved by President Dave Pine.

Mr. De Paula has also contacted the local businesses who look and act like Newspapers in SMC. They have known about him finally receiving a response from the FBI for over a month. Jon Mays of the San Mateo Daily Journal called Mark last night and expressed an interest, What took so long Mr. Mays?

Update: Mark De Paula presented his information to the Unions, Here is one response notice the Sheriff Office is not mentioned. Congratulations Mr. De Paula.

SEIU521 Endorsements 2018

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3 responses to “Mark De Paula a San Mateo County Concerned Citizen is requesting all Elected Officials to withdraw Endorsement of Carlos G. Bolanos for Sheriff 2018.

  1. Coralin Feierbach

    Once someone endorses a candidate, they rarely pull back. I didn’t realize that Bolanos was the culprit. I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.

  2. Mark J De Paula

    Dr. M. Alexis Kennedy of UNLV wrote a report from a grant given by the U.S. D.O.J. in 2008 for SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL. Page 9 column 4 it states undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was caught and detained in OPERATION DOLLHOUSE. the title of this report –DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Please read full report below, but see PAGE 9 Column 4.
    What more do the voters of SAN MATEO COUNTY NEED ?

    Click to access Las-Vegas-SH-Assessment.pdf

  3. It was pathetic that San Mateo County government “leaders” and citizens did not recall the newly elected (unopposed) Sheriff a decade ago and then elected a replacement who would have fired Under-Sheriff Balanos. Balanos was also caught visiting the underage Sex Slave RAPE HOUSE. it is never too late to get it right. T.his time, Bolanos should be sent packing by voters. Maybe he will move to Vegas.

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