Thank You, San Mateo County Manager John Maltbie, Transparency at its best.

This is why I recommend letting the employee go, as soon as they announce they are retiring in the future take their keys and thank them. This action begs for attention what he is saying is PLEASE FIRE me.

They now don’t show the concerned citizens who take the time and effort to bring serious topics the the Supervisors who are the County Watchdogs. They also leave blank on the agenda side of who the public comment speakers were. That is progress.

Everybody in county leadership knew the Concerned Citizen Mark De Paula and I were speaking at the Public Comment part of the BOS Meeting yesterday. Mark had been granted in advance by Dave Pine 3 minutes to make his comment.  I was offered 3 by Mr. Pine and I thanked him but told him it would not be needed. Comments are at the 3:50 to about 9 minute mark on this video.



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