Senator Jerry Hill to Mark De Paula”No I’m Not.” “I don’t want to talk about it.”

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

Today March 24, 2018 in San Mateo at the Veterans Parade, Good and Concerned Citizen Mark De Paula finally got to speak to Senator Jerry Hill without him being in a controlled environment. The responses above are to the Question I guess your not embarrassed to endorse Carlos Bolanos for Sheriff 2018? Answer No I’m Not, I don’t want to talk about it.” I’m not surprised Jerry Hill was in Las Vegas that weekend of Operation Dollhouse and helped cover it up. He did absolutely nothing for the residents of San Mateo County to get to the truth about 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, and how many Sheriff Deputies were really there that night.

Mark De Paula is asking every Elected Official in San Mateo County to withdraw their Endorsement of Carlos Bolanos for Sheriff 2018. He never got a response from Jerry Hills office so this was a perfect chance to ask Jerry in person. Great Job Mr. De Paula

It gets better Mr. De Paula asked San Mateo City Council Member Eric Rodriguez to “please withdraw your endorsement of Carlos Bolanos for Sheriff 2018.”

Mr. Rodriquez response “How dare you bring that subject up, I got your e-mail (which he never responded to) I’m talking to people.

Note to Mr. Eric Rodriquez, So is Mark De Paula talking to people.

Maureen Freshet former Mayor of San Mateo said you are welcome, when Mr. De Paula said “thank you for not endorsing Carlos G. Bolanos for San Mateo County Sheriff -election June 5, 2018.” Very polite and pleasant.

E-mail sent to most SMC elected officials yesterday.

Subject: Carlos Bolanos and You
If you are receiving this email it is because you or a friend have endorsed a man who has either a) As a career lawman stood outside an obvious illegal brothel while his boss, the Sheriff of San Mateo County had sex with a probably minor sex-slave inside, or; b) Waited inside the brothel for his turn at the child sex-slaves while his boss was busy in one of the bedrooms.
There is no upside for you here. Add in the fact that it has now been alleged by an apparent SMCSO Deputy that Bolanos and Munks offered false IDs and were arrested and taken downtown before being bailed out by Gallagher, Kearnan and Sanchez and then add in the fact that the people who bailed them out appear to have been promoted ahead of grade and position up to the point of retirement as Assistant Sheriffs.
Carlos Bolanos is a toxic waste heap that is going to devour you if you remain supportive of him. Several smart local politicians have already pulled their endorsements of him. You must do the same or you risk deservedly and ignominiously going down with him in the fallout of your support for law enforcement officers who facilitated or solicited child-slaves in the service of their “needs.”
Dump Bolanos now. It is the only even remotely smart political choice you have. And announce it to the world when you do. Anything less and you risk being associated with Carols Bolanos forever.

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One response to “Senator Jerry Hill to Mark De Paula”No I’m Not.” “I don’t want to talk about it.”

  1. Mark J De Paula

    Thank you for printing this, my friend Phil Rountree was standing next to me when I asked Eric to withdraw his support from Bolanos, and was shocked on Eric’s (tone) and response to me.

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