Another side to San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Vicious & Cowardly. The Gun Range.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil,

Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez was called on a Thursday and ordered to be at this location the next Monday morning at 9:00AM simply to receive some legal papers. You be the judge, why is Carlos Bolanos taking such a personal interest in Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez?






Just received this letter from Lamont the good and concerned citizen who drove Deputy Juan Lopez to the gun range that morning.

Hello Michael,

I am glad to see your story on San Mateo County News about how Bolanos had Deputy Juan Lopez go to meet sheriff’s personnel staff at the rifle range at Coyote Point. There was no benign reason to send Juan and two other people to meet at Coyote Point when Juan lives in Redwood City near the Sheriff’s Headquarters where the personnel work.

The image I attach shows where we waited with Juan for the meeting  at the Sheriff’s Department’s rifle range and where the PR officer came over to check us out, and where the personnel people had their quickie meeting with Juan.

I think and I hope it makes it very clear that sending Juan up to the rifle range “for a meeting” was a malicious plot to frame him as a criminal connected with weapons, or worse.    We don’t know if there was someone inside the range prepared to use a gun on Juan.

Juan’s attorney advised him to have witnesses for such a meeting, so you and I went up there.  While we were waiting in the car in the parking lot, the Sheriff’s public relations officer came out of the rifle range building and smoked a cigarette near our car.  She pretended not to notice Juan, but obviously she was checking to see who we were.  She went back in the building and soon, Juan got a phone call saying the personnel people would arrive late.

When they arrived, Juan met them in the parking lot and they spent about five minutes with him and gave him some papers and left.

Nothing like this meeting would happen without then-Undersheriff  Bolanos’ knowledge and initiation.

A meeting at a rifle range?   It appears to me there was the intention to stage a false event accusing Juan of doing something with a weapon.  Or worse.

There is no reason the public relations officer would be there other than to direct this event and write a story about it.   I suspect the personnel people were not even advised to go there until the PR officer aborted the plot and called them to come.  Gone back to RWC in five minutes? They obviously hadn’t planned to meet Juan.

It seems to me we have some seriously malicious crooks in the Sheriff’s office.

And we have a crooked D.A. in San  Mateo County who covered up for executive fraud at samTrans. Vicky Nguyen at NBC TV showed documents proving fake records of expenses were being created.

Wagstaffe told the public that his FORENSIC INVESTIGATION found some “honest errors”, but nothing criminal.

Excuse me, but Vicky Nguyen at NBC TV showed documents proving phony records could not have been honest errors. She showed records of payment for auditing for the years 2010 thru 2013.   She asked Vavrinik, Trine, and Day when they did audits and they told her the last time they audited for samTrans was 2009. Don’t tell me that was not a fraud.

Wagstaffe said nothing was found that people had put government money in their pocket.   Well, you can bet the forensic audit didn’t look very hard.  People who give politicians huge amounts of money get the world’s best return on this investment because the people we elect vote to give government money to their donors.

In any case, it is still a crime to make false expense records to get more money from the government, thereby cheating the taxpayer.

And Wagstaffe is a lap dog for Gregg Munks for inflicitng vicious reprisal on Honest Deputy Juan for running for election to remove an unfit sheriff. Wagstaffe told the voters that Juan had embezzled $400,000 in campaign contributions and committed election fraud to run for election in San Mateo County because he was a resident in Newark across the bay.

Juan embezzled $400,000 in campaign funds?   Ha, he only collected about $400 in donations. If he’d had $400,000 in donations, he’d have been ELECTED with that kind of backing.

Wagstaffe told the public that Juan committed election fraud by running for sheriff because Juan was a resident of Newark across the bay. Juan’s second residence in NEWARK, which he has lost to pay legal bills, was where he went on alternate weeks when he had custody of his boys, including his disabled adult son.

Excuse me Mr. Wagstaffe, California law says you can have MULTIPLE residences, but only one DOMICILE – the place where you can vote and run for office. The DOMICILE is normally where your family lives with you.

But California law says if you take a NEW ABODE and your family does not live there with you, this new your domicile.  And, it remains your domicile no matter how often or how long you may go away AS LONG AS YOU INTEND TO RETURN.

So, is Wagstaffe so lazy he has not read California law?   Or does he not understand California law.  Which is the reason he makes phony charges against courageous and honest Deputy Juan Lopez?   Either way, he is UNFIT to be our district attorney.  He had his assistant checking how long Juan was on his cell phone, trying to prove he spent more time in Newark than in San Mateo County.

Would some one tell him it wouldn’t matter if Juan did spend more time away from San Mateo County because that is OK under California law.

I used to live in Chicago, and I went to Chicago when Obama was president, to try to get some people I knew who I thought could reach the White House to get investigation of crooked DA Wagstaffe. Well, I failed. Maybe some of these people tired to reach Obama or  Valerie Jarret, the lady who got him into the Illinois Senate and the US Senate, But, I guess that corruption in San Mateo County was just not as important as the other problems on the radar screen of the President.

I see that former Sheriff Don Horsley’s story about missing US Army weapons at the sheriff’s office is falling apart.

I don’t know anything about the deputy who is running for election as sheriff, but I hope he wins. I hope you will send him the attached image about the phony meeting at the firing range.


Yours for a Wise and Just America,

Lamont Phemister
2212B West Melanie Lane
Marion, IL 62959
618 969 7218

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