“You don’t need to call me about this topic ever again.” Carlos Bolanos

Stogner Says:
This is my favorite Carlos Bolanos Quote. Made in 2007

“You don’t need to call me about this topic ever again.”

He was San Mateo County’s Undersheriff when he made this comment. He should had been FIRED on the spot by County Manager, Board of Supervisors, and of course the Sheriff.
He was found inside the single family residence with the Sheriff they were both detained as customers of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves handcuffed and placed in a lineup that is when they informed the swat team that they were the Sheriff & UnderSheriff of San Mateo County.

Any SMC elected official (D.H.) who claims he was outside or in the limo is calling two LVMPD Officers Bill Cassell & Lt. Karen Hughes Liars. They both were working that night.

Quote from HMBR today 11 years of Carlos Bolanos refusing to answer any questions about Operation Doll House, now we get this. “I don’t know that there’s much to say about nothing that happened 11 years ago,” Bolanos said.

HMBR Article: 



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