San Mateo County Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos should have been fired on the spot. Abuse of authority.


January 2011, Carlos Bolanos got a phone call while at home from his son Mike who was at the Pioneer Bar/Saloon in Woodside, California. He asked his dad for help. Carlos left his home and went directly to the Bar where several Sheriff Deputies were investigating a fight/assault allegation. Bolanos stopped that investigation and then made comments to the Palo Alto Daily Post, claiming his son was the victim. He wasn’t there, How would he know, plus this was an abuse of authority and his office.

Here is the front page of the Palo Alto Daily Post article which doesn’t mention the Abuse of Authority at all. You Mike Bolanos had recently been hired at the Mt. View Police Department and might have still been on Probation. Dad kept his record clear so he could remain employed.

Link to the Palo Alto Daily Post article


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