Questions for Carlos Bolanos Candidate for Sheriff 2018.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah NavratilCarlosG.Bolanos


It’s been 11 years next month that San Mateo County residents first heard the Lies and Coverup about our Sheriff and Undersheriff, No mention of all the other Officers involved in the coverup. Their reward was promotions and pensions at the Taxpayers Expense.

April 21, 2007 FBI Sting Operation Dollhouse involving Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a child you were caught inside 3474 Eldon St. Las Vegas Nevada at 9:30PM.

What time were you finally released?

Were you brought out of the residence handcuffed and placed in a lineup. This must be what Supervisor Don Horsley is thinking about when he tells people that “Carlos was outside the house.”

Did you honestly identify yourself to law enforcement when you were first asked for id? 

Were you in possession of a California Department of Motor Vehicles Indentification card or License with a different name and your picture?

Were you transported to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department?

Were you taken downstairs?

What time did law enforcement find out that you were the Undersheriff of San Mateo County, California?

What role if any did SMCSO Officers Jeff Kearnan & Tom Gallagher play in assisting your release? Did they show up at the LVMPD facility to get you out?

Have you ever threatened any San Mateo County Sheriff Officer if they spoke about Operation Doll House?

Did Ed Wood hire both of your children?

Was Ed Wood on Administrative Leave from 911 Communications for an alleged Sexual Harassment claim when you created the 3rd Assistant Sheriff Position and hired him?

What were your thoughts about elected official Matt Grocott asking you to reject the BOS appointment of you to Sheriff?

January 2011 Did you Obstruct Justice by leaving your personal residence and interfere with a San Mateo County Sheriff Office Investigation of a Bar Fight involving your son at the Pioneer Bar and Hotel in Woodside, California? You later told a reporter for the Palo Alto Daily Post that your son was a Victim. How would you know you weren’t there? Your son was a new hire with Mt. View Police at that time. PADP by Ryan Thomas Riddle article Feb. 2, 2011

Palo Alto Daily Post Undersheriff: Son is victim, no mention of Obstruction of Justice.


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6 responses to “Questions for Carlos Bolanos Candidate for Sheriff 2018.

  1. Mark J De Paula

    Dr. M. Alexis Kennedy of UNLV wrote a report from a grant given by the U.S. D.O.J. in 2008 for SHARED HOPE INTERNATIONAL. Page 9 column 4 it states undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos was caught and detained in OPERATION DOLLHOUSE. the title of this report –DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Please read full report below, but see PAGE 9 Column 4.
    What more do the voters of SAN MATEO COUNTY NEED ?

    Click to access Las-Vegas-SH-Assessment.pdf

  2. from almanac today
    Posted by SMCSO DIRT
    a resident of Woodside: other
    5 hours ago
    SMCSO DIRT is a registered user.
    It is so very disappointing to hear about the inner workings of the sheriff’s office. I have spoken with several sheriff’s office employees and am sad to say all are counting their years until they can retire. These are proud people, with integrity, but if you are not in the “in crowd” and don’t “suck-up” you will never move ahead. What I have been told is, promotions have not been based on experience or seniority, not in many years. In fact, since Bolonos has been in office, it has been a “pay to play” environment, meaning if you test for a promotional exam and you haven’t given to the Bolanos campaign you do not stand the same chance (regardless of experience or seniority) as those that have given money and their name for the “endorsments”.

    As Mr. Stogner mentioned about the retaliation at the sheriff’s office, I have been told it’s alive and well. Does anyone really believe for a second that not one sheriff’s office employee has endorsed Mark Melville or even given him a donation for his campaign? It is100 percent because of retaliation.

    According to my sources the under sheriff, Trisha Sanchez’s husband, retired sheriff’s office Lieutenant Thomas Maloney, has been “mentoring” individuals for the sheriff’s office sergeant’s promotional exam for several years. He charges several hundred dollars for his “services”. Once again if you do not “pay to play” and pay for Thomas Maloney’s “services” you will not be afforded the same opportunities to promote. This is a total conflict of interest being that under sheriff Trisha Sanchez has control and input on these promotions.

    If you check his website, like I have you will see that Thomas Maloney has been contracted to complete projects that his wife is in charge of distributing funds for.

    This actually happened back when Supervisor Don Horsley was the San Mateo County Sheriff and Munks was the under sheriff. However, this kind of behavior goes towards the “good ole boy” network and these people sticking together and protecting each other. Oh and to the whole Carlos Bolonos endorsement list.

    I was utterly disgusted and sick to my stomach after hearing this. Two deputies were on patrol and made a bet with each other. One deputy told the other deputy that he would buy him a coffee if he urinated on a concrete roadside memorial. The roadside memorial, located on the San Mateo coast, was that of a small girl that had been killed in an automobile accident. The one deputy took the other up on the bet and urinated on the memorial of this innocent child.

    This deputy has since been promoted to a training officer, “training and mentoring” new deputies and also promoted to a detective. What is going on in this department?

    As I said prior I have spoken to a few employees and also learned that in the “new” jail, the one on Maple Street, that the correctional officers and deputies have a hard time getting breaks. Even bathroom breaks are an issue, let alone a lunch break. This is due to poor hiring practices, thus lack of personnel.

    This has become such a problem that many females are getting BLADDER INFECTIONS from being unable to get someone to relieve them so that they could use a restroom. What century are we living in? This is BARBARIC!

    How can this be happening in San Mateo County. Is this the way the Sheriff’s has been operating? Someone needs to stop this runaway train before it crashes.

    If true, the incidents I have listed, in addition to what the other readers have posted indicate that Bolonos is not fit to run the Sheriff’s Office. In addition, to Operation Dollhouse, Bolonos appears to be a bully in his own domain, and won’t stop at anything to keep his job. We, the residents of San Mateo County, need to STOP him, and STOP HIM NOW.


      Michael, you’ve never talked to me about my 31 years in the Sheriffs Office. I have no complaints and support Carlos Bolanos 100%. I would be happy to sit down with you and tell you the stories you are referring to are fabricated. Victoria O’Brien

  3. Another post on The Almanac
    posted by SMCSO DIRT
    a resident of Woodside: other
    5 hours ago
    SMCSO DIRT is a registered user.
    Since the wrongdoings within the Sheriff’s Office have started to surface, it seems that more and more department employee’s want to come forward and speak about and incident they are painfully aware of. The following are a few more such incidents the people of San Mateo need to be made aware of.

    Within the past 6 months or so, two individuals who were employed (now recently retired) with the sheriff’s department did construction work on the side. These two individuals were asked by a female Lieutenant if they could remodel one of the sheriff’s sub stations. She told them she would compensate both of them 60 hours of overtime pay every two weeks, without actually have to work a minute of overtime in their assigned classifications. In return, they would contract for workers and oversee their work product to remodel a sheriff’s satellite work site. Is this not a felony type crime, misappropriation of County funds? Mr. Wagstaff could you weigh in on this? However, in typical “good ole boy” fashion this Lieutenant was promoted to Captain! Does this sound familiar, remember Edward Wood, running the communications division commits sexual harassment and then is promoted to assistant sheriff! Both of these incidents were under the watch full eye of none other than Carlos Bolanos. When is this going to stop? I’m both amazed and thank full this type of information and wrong doings’ are finally beginning to come out! I could only imagine the amount of like incidents, illegal of course the citizens of San Mateo County haven’t heard.

    Under the regime of Don Horsley and Greg Munks, a captain was demoted to sergeant for basically stocking a female employee. The demotion was the punishment, with a caveat, that he could promote back up, but never to a higher rank than female he harassed. The female victim ended up retiring as a Lieutenant and the sergeant was able to promote up to the rank of Lieutenant and then retired a couple of years later. Many feel this now Lieutenant should have been fired, but NO.

    Another Bolonos supporter, a retired police chief from the South San Francisco police department, at the time of OPERATION DOLLHOUSE was the president of the San Mateo County Chief’s Association. His wife, just happened to be a dispatcher with the county. This Police Chief, like DA Wagstaff backed then Sheriff, Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos during the Operation Dollhouse aftermath. This Chief’s wife was shortly thereafter was hired at the sheriff’s office as a deputy. With only a short period of time as a deputy, she rose quickly to the rank of sergeant. Then within a few years took a medical retirement from the county. If I’m not mistaken, this Chief is currently hired as a private contractor with the county to do law enforcement background investigations.

    As you can see, the system in place takes care of those who take care of them, Horsley, Munks, and Bolanos. If there is true transparency within the Sheriff’s Office, maybe Bolanos might want to address these issues, but I’m thinking not..

  4. SMC Resident

    So glad all this is coming out. I hope enough people reads this information to make a difference. It’s time the residents of San Mateo County have a Sheriff’s Office that they can be proud of and not just a joke of a law enforcement office that misuse our tax money. Here’s another example of the misuse of tax money. A Legal Office Specialist (LOS) that is involved in Bolanos’ campaign recently received a big promotion. Public information that’s available on the following website. Search for Le-Christensen.

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