San Mateo County Supervisor District 3 Candidate Dan Stegink.

“Even if Mr. Bolanos wins, it is unlikely he will complete his term.”

He promises to only serve 4 years, and not collect a pension.

He supports one time permanent Tax Exemption for Seniors.

He Endorses Mark Melville for Sheriff 2018.


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2 responses to “San Mateo County Supervisor District 3 Candidate Dan Stegink.

  1. Sea Breeze

    This comment was submitted to the San Mateo County Journal but has not yet been posted:

    Although Don Horsely has of course done some good things there comes a point when a lack of integrity cannot be supported.

    Supervisor Horsely knowingly broke the law at a public meeting in order to install Bolanos as Sheriff after mentor Sheriff Munks announced his retirement too late for other candidates to campaign.

    Actions such as this — appointing one of the most powerful public officials — require prior public notification per the FPPC* so that the public has time to weigh in (*Fair Political Practices Commission).

    However no notice was given.

    Surely Don Horsely knew that appointing someone busted in an FBI sex trafficking operation would meet with resistance and is likely why he bypassed the law to force his will on County citizens.

    We deserve better than Bolanos and Horsely, better than DA Steve Wagstaffe who looks the other way, and better than good old boy editors who are fine with a Sheriff paying pimps for sex with trapped underage girls and using fake IDs to cover their tracks… no questions asked.

    What a shameful lot, the bunch of you.

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