San Mateo County’s Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos finally answers questions, or does he?

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil


The story promoted by Sheriff Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos in April 2007 at a Press Conference where No Questions were allowed. They were briefly detained = handcuffed and released. It sounded like a Sportsman Fishing Show where they catch and release the little fish. If that were the truth, why would Carlos Bolanos refuse to answer any questions regarding the Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including children in the single family residence he was caught inside of, according to Las Vegas Metro Police Spokesperson Bill Cassell and Lt. Karen Hughes quotes in different news articles.

Now Candidate Carlos Bolanos has had 11 years to prepare for the residents to ask some questions that reporters have refused to ask. In Pacifica at Sharp Park Golf Course he was asked one question about Operation Dollhouse and he answered that this was not the proper place to discuss that subject or something close to that.

The Almanac Reporter Dave Boyce asked a question of Candidate Carlos Bolanos about Operation Dollhouse, and he refused to answer the question.

Half Moon Bay Review Reporter Carina Woudenberg asked a question of Candidate Carlos Bolanos about Operation Dollhouse. Instead of answering the question he relies on the false story promoted by the Sheriff from 11 years ago. “I don’t know that there is much to say about nothing that happened 11 years ago.”

That is the third time Carlos Bolanos has refused to answer a simple question that the residents have a right to know the truth about that night of April 21, 2007.

Candidate for Sheriff 2018 Mark Melville said in that same article:

“He actually lied about where he was.” “They found him inside the house.”

We think that should have been the Headline of the HMBR article.

This post might shed light on why Carlos Bolanos refuses to answer any questions about April 21, 2007. It is on the HMBR.

wasserdamen Apr 12, 2018 10:10pm
Here is what you don’t know.

There were four people in the limo that Munks and Bolanos took to the brothel at 3474 Eldon Street. Two of those Deputies went from Sergeant to Assistant Sheriff in a span of just a few years before retiring out. Their pay went from ~$130,000 to $220,000 per year in that short span of time.

Why did that limo become the most effective promotion tool in the history of the SMCSO?

Because not only was Munks in the bedroom and Bolanos near the front door when the raid happened, after being placed in handcuffs they both provided a fake ID to the LVMPD. When LVMPD could not identify them they took them downtown to holding.

While that was happening the other two Deputies who escaped the raid and one other female Lieutenant went to the Mandalay Bay to get Munk’s and Bolanos’s real ID before going to the station to bail them out. (Yes, we (and they) know who they are, just not saying here…)

Presenting a false ID in Nevada is a Class E Felony. When Munks and Bolanos provided a false ID hoping they would be let go they broke the law. They committed a felony. They were taken downtown, unlike the others caught in the sting, because no one knew who they were and their ID came back zero.

Conspiring to conceal a crime is a crime in California. Even a crime in Nevada. A crime everywhere.

Now you know why those two deputies in the limo and the Lt. who went to bail out Munks and Bolanos rocketed through the leadership structure of the SO until they retired after being third in command.

It’s the crime and the cover-up that should make any of the four horsemen and Bolanos ineligible to be a Sheriff or Deputy. If the County was less corrupt this would have been properly handled ten years ago. Instead County leaders, Including the DA and Sup Horsley looked the other way. They had to have heard the rumors, even if they didn’t know the details.

It is past time to stop looking the other way.

Hey reporter’s!! Ask why they used forged ID and what they did after that. Ask who knew about the concealing of the use of fake IDs and the following trip to the holding tank. Ask Karen Hughes for the details!!

If you want proof of the promotion chain look at the employment history and compensation for recent Assistant Sheriff’s and work backwards.

And look at the top right now. One of the five (“The Dish”) is sitting there in plain view.

She knows everything.

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One response to “San Mateo County’s Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos finally answers questions, or does he?

  1. SMC Resident

    One of the five (“The Dish”) is sitting there in plain view. She knows everything. She is scheduled to retire, leave the office in June 2018.

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