San Mateo County Elected Officials Ignore the average concerned citizen/resident. The residents are getting involved.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

That has been going on as long as I can remember, They pretend to be interested while they listen to you during your 2-3 minute public comment. Most recent example was March 13, 2018 when concerned citizen Mark De Paula made a three minute presentation requesting all elected officials withdraw their endorsement of Carlos Bolanos for Sheriff 2018. Mr. De Paula then communicated with all elected officials.

Sheriff Candidate Mark Melville stated he did watch Mr. De Paula’s presentation and said “It proves that Sheriff Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos are Liars.’ “They were both Inside the house.”

Yesterday this e-mail was sent to most elected officials.

Subject: Carlos Bolanos and You
If you are receiving this email it is because you or a friend have endorsed a man who has either a) As a career lawman stood outside an obvious illegal brothel while his boss, the Sheriff of San Mateo County had sex with a probably minor sex-slave inside, or; b) Waited inside the brothel for his turn at the child sex-slaves while his boss was busy in one of the bedrooms.
There is no upside for you here. Add in the fact that it has now been alleged by an apparent SMCSO Deputy that Bolanos and Munks offered false IDs and were arrested and taken downtown before being bailed out by Gallagher, Kearnan and Sanchez and then add in the fact that the people who bailed them out appear to have been promoted ahead of grade and position up to the point of retirement as Assistant Sheriffs.
Carlos Bolanos is a toxic waste heap that is going to devour you if you remain supportive of him. Several smart local politicians have already pulled their endorsements of him. You must do the same or you risk deservedly and ignominiously going down with him in the fallout of your support for law enforcement officers who facilitated or solicited child-slaves in the service of their “needs.”
Dump Bolanos now. It is the only even remotely smart political choice you have. And announce it to the world when you do. Anything less and you risk being associated with Carols Bolanos forever.


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3 responses to “San Mateo County Elected Officials Ignore the average concerned citizen/resident. The residents are getting involved.

  1. Rotundist

    Wow! I am sure Mark Melville campaign and a certain television reporter would like to see the email. Hope you can give it to Melville campaign

  2. Sea Breeze

    Voters will be appalled to learn of any candidate still endorsing the aberrant sexual and criminal behavior of Carlos Bolanos along with the scandal that installed him as Sheriff.

    The only thing in his favor is the current lack of widespread knowledge but that tide is changing, fast. Smart community leaders have already jumped ship, knowing that anyone attached to the flotsam of Bolanos’ disintegrating reputation will be washed out with him too.

  3. Sea Breeze, you are right “The only thing in his favor is the current lack of widespread knowledge.” There is also the promotion of 100% false information by the SMDJ in the Endorsement of Carlos Bolanos, “He was outside the entire time.” They reach 84,000 residents per day causing harm to San Mateo County, any news or honest information business would never make such statement. It is so easy to prove it false. I have asked Editor Jon Mays to identify his source for that claim, He has not responded.

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