Melissa Renee Anne McKowan is no longer employed by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

According to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe she is no longer employed by his office and she now works as an attorney for the Private Defender Program. She left the DA’s office about 2 months ago.

Some readers might recall we wrote about her 2nd State Bar Court appearance in April 2017 for 2 counts of dishonesty. We also notified the 7 advertising businesses and attempted to post blogs on The Almanac and Half Moon Bay Review but we were blocked.

I had asked the question how could San Mateo County employ a dishonest prosecutor?How was she still employed by the DA’s Office?

Here is one article


State Bar



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4 responses to “Melissa Renee Anne McKowan is no longer employed by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

  1. Rotundist

    Rick Decker of the San Mateo PD who routinely covered for Mckowan, is no longer with the police. Now an investigator at DA’s office. He was spokesperson for PD. Why did he leave?

  2. Most likely to double his income, SMC has hired many retired police officer which places them at the $500K per year income bracket.

  3. Erin seelman

    I Am in a court case where Melissa has used The court system to kidnap my son. I have had a thorough cos investigation saying I’m a fit parent, that all of Melissa’s allegations against me is false, that my son should have never been removed from my care and there is no need for court involvement. Yet the judge in the county where Melissa use to clerk granted her custody any way and are keeping him from me and his entire biological family. I have done every thing the court has asked me but they always have a new requirement after I finish the previous one. I don’t have the money or the knowledge to fight this. I’m be kept from my child cause Melissa wants him. She has absolutely no relation to my son. Can someone please help me, this has been going on for years and my son despretley wants to come home. I have full custody of my daughter and family court has told Melissa to but out of my parenting but she got Nathan through pro bate court. I’m begging for help. Erin Sealman (831)239-5937.

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