Carlos Bolanos, makes a dishonest & misleading statement to CBS Las Vegas 2007

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

San Mateo County has an election for Sheriff this May 8-June 5, 2018. The first time in 25 years the residents get to pick their Sheriff.

A Quality to look for in a Sheriff in Honesty.

Reporter Robert Lyles of CBS5 in 2007 said Carlos Bolanos told CBS Las Vegas

“There is nothing Illegal about being at a massage parlor.”

 That is a true statement, however the dishonest and misleading part is Carlos Bolanos was not at a massage parlor. He was here.


This is an Illegal brothel that had Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a minor.

It is Illegal to be here Carlos Bolanos and you know it.

The upper right photo is a trailer for more customers, bars on windows of the private residence.

For the last 11 years the majority of political leaders of San Mateo County have not only refused to do their job which was to Fire Carlos Bolanos on the spot, they currently endorse this behavior and him personally.

Time for the residents to take back their County.

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One response to “Carlos Bolanos, makes a dishonest & misleading statement to CBS Las Vegas 2007

  1. Marcus Suja

    How are residents of San Mateo county supposed to get this scumbag off the police force? He is a criminal, and everyone knows it!

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