Heinz Puschendorf for San Mateo County Sheriff 2018, Write In Candidate

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy and former President of the Deputy Sheriff Association DSA  has taken papers out to be a Write in Candidate for Sheriff 2018. He attended the Candidates forum put on by the League of Women Voters that was for the public to be able to ask questions of appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and candidate Sheriff Deputy Mark Melville. Based on what he saw that night he decided to offer his services to the residents/voters of San Mateo County.

Qualifications: On April 21, 2007 Heinz Puschendorf was the President of the DSA and he was working here in San Mateo County that day and night. He was the Go To Guy when all Hell broke loose at a single family residence 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada that night. FBI’s Operation Dollhouse, San Mateo County’s number 1 & 2 Sheriff and Undersheriff were caught and detained as Customers of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a Child.

There was nothing massage parlor or prostitution about it. A house full of victims.

Heinz Puschendorf


 Work Experience:

  • 21 years San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff
    • 7 years Daly City Police Officer
  • PAST San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association President, with extensive knowledge in Contract/Benefit Negotiations and various committees (1991-2009)
  • Investigations and Supervisory Assignments:
    • Gangs
    • Narcotics
    • Jail Training Officer
    • Field Training Officer
    • Multiple Local, State, National and International Organizations
  • Managed/coordinated/Negotiated/Participated in budget related issues for Training in the Sheriff’s Office Alternative Sentencing Bureau
    • Modernizing the Unit and entire process to be fiscally successful


  • Complete Investigation Capture of (SMCo Sheriff’s Employee enabled) Escaped Female Inmate
  • Coordinated a Multi-Agency Effort to Capture a Burglary Ring – responsible for over 400 cases throughout the County (and surrounding Jurisdictions/Counties)
  • Crisis Intervention Team plus Peer Support Member and Trainer
  • Managed, Directed, Volunteered on/for various Non-Profit, Community, Youth or Sport Entities, Events and/or Organizations
  • POINT of CONTACT regarding Information, Details and Knowledge regarding April 2007 – Las Vegas “DOLL HOUSE” SCANDAL, FALLOUT and ALL POLITICOs & COUNTY COVER-UP/LACK of ACTION which Followed
  • WHISTLEBLOWER against 3 Past Sheriff’s:
    • Discriminated of Promotional Opportunity 10 TIMES
    • Harassed by Supervisors at the direct command/direction of Incumbent Sheriff(s)
    • DEFRAUDED on Workers Comp
    • Defrauded via RETIREMENT and other eligible BENEFITS
  • I worked as an intern for NASA-AMES Research Center at Moffett Field, where I was NOT A ROCKET SCIENTIST, but I was a three year (1987-89) Paid-Intern- Purchasing Agent and Assistant Technician (for the LIFE SCIENCES Division), directly responsible for oversight and supporting the 1988 DISCOVERY Space Shuttle Mission (after the 1986 CHALLENGER Shuttle Disaster) where I learned to:
    • work on Multimillion Dollar ($9,092,000.00) Budgets
    • Secure/negotiate various type of Governmental contracts
    • Learning measures to maintain Transparency (via self-audit, yearly Oversight and Departmental audits)

Ethically acquire and/or maintain according to (Federal, Regional and Agency) Policies and/or Procedures (P&P), Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) and Laws.

Why I am Running:

I am RUNNING as a CONSTITUTIONALIST, because I believe in the Laws, Rules and Regulations we ALREADY have in place. These are Living – Breathing Documents, which may need to be modernized, BUT Their Main CORE PRINCIPALS are still VITALLY IMPORTANT to ADHERE to.

28 years ago, I took an OATH of LOYALTY and SERVICE to PROTECT the County of San Mateo (SMCo) State of California (CA) and the USA from: ALL THREATS -DOMESTIC or FOREIGN, which is a serious piece of the Strength of my Character, being a first generation born mixed raced/blooded AMERICAN:

  • Hispanic (Spanish-Mexican-Nicaraguan)
  • Native American (Still Discovering History)
  • Western European/Mediterranean
  • FLUENT and COURT Certified in Spanish
  • Working knowledge in several other Languages


I would be HONORED for you to VOTE and ELECT me your Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2018.

BUT, ONCE You #VOTEHEINZ57 and #VOTENONINCUMBENT, I GUARANTEE to ALL Constituents, Visitors, Residents and Employees of SMCo that I WILL:

  • I will DEFER up to 70% of my SALARY to jumpstart My COMMITMENT to REDUCE waste in spending and to infuse/invigorate/repair the past 3 Sheriff’s decisions (No REAL Sheriff’s Election since 1992) such as:
    • Incumbent Sheriff’s Direct Orders for All Patrol Deputies to NOT Pursue ANY IN-Progress BURGLARY/Suspects (although we already have a backlog of 10’s of Thousands of cases), Placing all Property and their Owners at a HIGHER risk of being victimized
    • Reinstitute Youth/Juvenile IMPACT – Resource and Mentoring Programs
    • REALIGN TOP HEAVY MANAGEMENT as to be able to again fund the Sexual Habitual Offenders Program (SHOP) funding (which was ELIMINATED after LAS VEGAS SCANDAL)
  • REFORM: The Organization of past 3 INCUMBENT SHERIFF’s Mismanagement of OVERTIME staffing and the BUDGET misappropriation
  • INTRODUCE: better and more Training Opportunities/Resources


  • Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, Ca (Diploma-1984)
  • College of San Mateo, Ca (Associates of Arts degree- 1987)
  • Union Institute and University – Redwood City/Sacramento, Ca (Bachelors of Science Degree- Criminal Justice Management – 2011)

I was active in many Student, Community Groups, Associations and played various sports.


Single Father of one (7-year-old), born in San Francisco and Raised in and around the San Francisco-Oakland-Peninsula-Bay Area (California). I have traveled abroad with many International and National Associations, Memberships and Organizations, to over 30 Countries, so as to Better understand ALL of the VARIOUS Issues which have and/or will eventually come to our SHORES and into our County.

PLEASE DO NOT LET THE POWERS that be, keep you ALL being OSTRICHES, Your heads Buried in the sand.

VOTE, Make the change and ALLOW Me to FIX the Dysfunctional and broken system, while maintaining your assistance and Guidance to keep things on track.

Your Respectful Civil Servant and 2018 Elected Sheriff,

Heinz L. Puschendorf


(510) 427-8693





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2 responses to “Heinz Puschendorf for San Mateo County Sheriff 2018, Write In Candidate

  1. Rotundist

    This is excellent news!

  2. Tom Summers

    I believe he will make an excellent Sheriff. So nice to see good people stepping up for the constituents of San Mateo County.

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