Coastside Progressive Democrats Endorse Mark Melville for Sheriff 2018.

By Michael G. Stogner & Sarah Navratil

This is another Great and Brave endorsement for Mark Melville. Think about it, the coast side residents are policed/patrolled by the Sheriff’s Office. The same Sheriff’s Office that murdered Yanira Serrano Garcia several years ago. The same Sheriff’s Office that mishandled an identity theft case involving John Ullom. The same Sheriff’s Office that opened a criminal investigation involving Sabrina Brennan when they knew the allegations were false. Even knowing that Carlos Bolanos approved the case be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office with the recommendation to prosecute. This is the same Sheriff Office Gang Task Force that assaulted and threatened a San Mateo County Probation Officer in Half Moon Bay. That unit lead by Sgt. Jason Peardon doesn’t file Incident Reports when the assault and threaten residents.

The Coast is taking a stand It’s time for Honesty. It’s important the Sheriff is honest.

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