San Mateo County Sheriff Election 2018

By Michael G. Stogner



Link to the Palo Alto Daily Post I was talking about:



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3 responses to “San Mateo County Sheriff Election 2018

  1. Barbara

    Thank you for laying it out clearly. People of San Mateo, please check out the write in, possible good candidate, as I have hands on experience working under that kind of corrupt life style in law enforcement (San Francisco)……need to cut out that kind of cancer (as it only spreads when not challenged).It’s in the hands if the voters if San Mateo……VOTE WISELY……!!!!

  2. Mark J De Paula

    My comment on PALO ALTO DAILY POST was not allowed.
    Here is what I wrote on the comment:
    The Story–BOLANOS not in the illegal sex brothel, located at 3474 Eldon Street Las Vegas, Nevada, from F.B.I. documents–FALSE. I say show that document from the
    F.B.I.–IT DOES NOT EXIST. About 6 weeks ago I gave the Palo Alto Daily Post my CD that was from the F.B.I., why? The PADP did not have F.B.I. information I had requested through the FREDOM of INFORMATION ACT.
    Two Las Vegas Police Officers -spokesman Officer Bill Cassell and Vice officer Lt. Karen Hughes placed both in the illegal sex brothel.

  3. betsyaida

    Great video Michael packed with good information!

    Here is another video that is decent media coverage from Channel 5 back in 2007 where they don’t try to hide what was happening:

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