Sheriff Write In Candidate Heinz Puschendorf tells the Alamanac “Ordered not to talk about Vegas or mention it.”

By Michael G. Stogner

The Almanac May 9, 2018 article by Dave Boyce, “Challengers square off against an appointed incumbent for Sheriff.”

Reporter Dave Boyce did not think this statement was worth a follow up question. Why?

Update: I spoke with Heinz by phone and he informed me that Dave Boyce did know it was Carlos Bolanos who ordered him not to talk. Dave Boyce left that out of the article. Why?

April 21, 2007 is when San Mateo County’s top two Sheriff & Undersheriff known as 1&2 were caught and detained (how long remains to be answered) as CUSTOMERS in a single family house that had Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a Child in it.

April 21, 2007 Heinz Puschendorf was the President of the San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies Association, DSA. He was the Go to Guy. He started receiving phone calls from Las Vegas around 10:15 PM that night. This is the only SMCSO Deputy who was not in Las Vegas that night that would know what happened that night.

You would think that Dave Boyce would see the opportunity to finally break the truth free here. He could have asked Heinz, Who Ordered You to not talk about Vegas or mention it? I might be able to help the Almanac out here. Heinz Puschendorf told me,

“Carlos Bolanos ordered Heinz Puschendorf the President of the DSA not to talk about Vegas or mention it.” “Directed down the chain of command the same order.”

FBI Sting Human Trafficking Sting CBS 5 video


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  1. Rotundist

    What did you think of the Almanac story on Deputy Puschendorf?

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