Vote Dan Stegink for Supervisor District 3

Here are just a few reasons why we say this.

The incumbent Supervisor Don Horsley was one of the leaders who misled the voters on Measure A 2012. He promoted the false story that the County had a deficit when he knew that the County in fact had a surplus. Not very honest

This Grand Jury report is saying Supervisors Don Horsley and Carole Groom  and others were dishonest in misleading the residents/voters of San Mateo County re: Measure A

San Mateo County Grand Jury Report

In 2012 Supervisor Don Horsley announced right after Christmas when very few people would notice. That he was going to renege on his campaign promise of No salary if you elect him.On December 28, 2012 The Daily News reported “Horsley to take Supervisor Salary.” Don Horsley had pledged to forgo the job’s salary if elected citing the County’s economic struggles which never existed. So once again misstating the truth. Horsley announced he is going back on his election vow, saying he now needs the $120,000 annual Supervisors salary more than the County. Starting this month Horsley will receive a Supervisor’s salary, remember this article was written 12/28/2012. What it didn’t say was that Don Horsley had started receiving the salary on November 10, 2012. 46 days before his announcement, So once again he is being dishonest with the residents and voters of SMC.

July 12, 2016 Supervisor Don Horsley led the illegal coup which appointed Carlos Bolanos to Sheriff without the public knowing that was even remotely a possibility. Here is what Supervisor Dave Pine said about it.

Supervisor Dave Pine

The public was completely removed from this process,” referring to the rushed and unexpected appointment of Carlos Bolanos to the office of San Mateo County Sheriff.The 3-2 decision to appoint Mr. Bolanos was a surprise, They dispensed with involving the public in any way in the process. He is talking about Don Horsley here.

2017 Supervisor Don Horsley makes a false statement to CBS5 re: Stolen M-16’s from the Sheriff Office. We have asked him to verify the method of communication the previous Sheriff allegedly informed him they were used for spare parts. Don Horsley has refused to answer.

San Mateo County News Story 

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