Write In Morgan Stogner for San Mateo County Supervisor District 2.


If you are seeing this advertisement you are most likely in District 2.  Ask yourself, do you know who your Supervisor is or know what the Board of Supervisors does?  They are in charge of spending tax dollars for the County and are widely unknown.  They are also a place for concerned citizens to go with complaints against government agencies or people.

Morgan is a Write In candidate. He decided to run after he saw his opponent was unopposed.

Morgan is concerned for the average resident, his opponent is not, Morgan understands and respects Conflict of Interest, his opponent does not. Morgan respects Whistleblowers his opponent does not. Morgan will not mislead the residents his opponent does. Morgan Endorses Mark Melville for Sheriff his opponent Endorses Carlos Bolanos when she should have Investigated then fired him. Bolanos was caught and detained as a customer of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a child. Morgan is opposed to Human Trafficking in San Mateo County his opponent is not.

2012 the Grand Jury warned the residents of San Mateo County that it’s leaders (Supervisors) misled the Voters on the County’s financial status, in order to pass Measure A.  The Supervisors reported a deficit when in reality the Grand Jury had found the County had a surplus, making Measure A dishonest and unnecessary. Carole Groom was a Supervisor at that time.

Below is a link to the report.  If you do not have the time to read the entire report I would suggest going to page 11 and reading the Findings list.  Item number 7 and 8 specifically tell of the mistruths.

An inconvenient truth about San Mateo County’s “structural deficit” is that … there isn’t one!

2012 Grand Jury Report

WRITE IN Morgan Stogner Supervisor District 2 San Mateo County.

Morgan would not have voted in favor on any tax measure that misled the Voters.morgan_signature-2


For more information on Morgan Stogner please visit his website:

Morgan Stogner 2018


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