Some Reasons San Mateo County Most Corrupt in the State of California.

Micheal G. Stogner video 2012

This current election for Sheriff is a perfect example Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos (July 12, 2016) filed his political papers with San Mateo County Elections Office, Statement of Organization on November 18, 2015 about a week before Sheriff Greg Munks announced that he would not be running for re-election in three years and he endorses Carlos Bolanos. That looks like at least those two conspired to have Carlos Bolanos be the next Sheriff of San Mateo County. It accomplished two things, it made Mr. Bolanos the longest running candidate in San Mateo County’s history. It also put all Sheriff Deputies on notice, if you want to succeed in your career you had better support Bolanos. Former brave Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez ran as a Write In candidate for Sheriff in 2014. He missed the filing deadline by 4-6 minutes and Mark Church would  not allow his name to be on the ballot. He choose to be a Write In candidate for Sheriff a very costly decision. He was investigated by the Sheriff’s Office, The District Attorney’s Office, and even David Silberman of the County Counsel Office helped. Juan Lopez was arrested twice once with guns to his head in his front yard in front of his children. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe held a press conference for TV media and announced to the world that Juan Lopez smuggled a cell phone and drugs to an inmate, and not just any inmate he was a gang member. After more than 3 years in the Court System and $120,000 legal fees spent, the Judge threw out those charges. The reason was Prosecutorial Misconduct it turns out both the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office knew there was ZERO evidence that connected Juan P. Lopez to the cell phone and drugs. That didn’t seem to matter to Carlos Bolanos or Steve Wagstaffe. Think about “Those Who Matter.”

Those Who Matter: People who control investigations, who to investigate, who not to investigate, edit reports, submit recommendations to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution, filing charges with the Court when you know they are false. Lying to a Judge and submitting a false affidavit, That is a Criminal Act.

Here we are approaching 4 years in the legal system and this finally gets filed.

Detective Armando Perjuriously Alleged that Mr. Lopez Placed a Telephone Call to the Contraband Cell Phone in Order to Obtain a Search Warrant.

He made the phone calls himself. Who knows about this besides San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Deputy Chief Karen Guidotti, Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, Continued 4 times.

Lopez, Juan Lopez Filing May 1, 2018May 1, 2018

Lopez Filing May 1, 2018 1Lopez Filing May 1, 2018 2Lopez Filing May 1, 2018 3Lopez Filing May 1, 2018 4Lopez Filing May 1, 2018 5

To all good and concerned citizens Please join us in San Mateo County Superior Court June 28, 2018 9:00AM as the Judge rules on this filing. Juan P. Lopez finally found a law firm to file this important document.

Thank You to Tony Serra and Maria Belyi.


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2 responses to “Some Reasons San Mateo County Most Corrupt in the State of California.

  1. Anthony Cordero

    A lot of the workers in county center should be fired for corruption collusion lying in investigations jury tampering the works with those people .they are the garbage that the real Americans do not need. There is a lot of good people that work there caught in the crossfire .feel sorry for them having to work with that garbage…..

  2. Anthony Cordero

    The people who spread like a cancer are losing money ha ha that’s what bad people get nothing to all you corrupt and bad people for the innocent people that you hurt you get nothing that’s what you deserve…..

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