Return the flag you removed


During and after the Civil War, mostly through the effort of American women, the soldiers’ graves from both sides of the conflict were decorated with flags. The practice continued to grow in popularity in America as a means to memorialize and honor those who served in the military and gave their lives for their country. Finally, in 1971, Congress took action to distinguish the last Monday in May as Memorial Day, a federal holiday.

In San Carlos, there stands a statue called “Balancing Act.” It is often decorated for whatever holiday it happens to be, or for fun, when one of the teams like the Giants or Warriors are in the play-offs.

On Friday, May 25, I noticed the statue had no decoration for the Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday, I endeavored to do something about it and went to Judy’s Flags in Belmont and bought an American flag to put in the statue’s hand.

Normally, whatever decoration is placed upon the statue is removed after a week or so by whomever put the decorations up in the first place. To my surprise and chagrin, when I passed by the statue on Tuesday morning on my way to the Plantation for coffee, the flag was removed.

Whoever took it upon themselves to remove the flag, one request: please put it back on the statute as it was or return it to me at the Plantation. Your removal of the flag was not necessary and not appreciated.

Matt Grocott

San Carlos

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