San Mateo County Mail In Ballots & Vote Cancelled.

Mark Church of the Elections Office told the San Mateo Daily Journal he didn’t know of anybody who did not get their ballot in the mail. I do, former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez. He called the elections office about 10 days ago and requested he be sent another mail in ballot, they said no and instructed Mr. Lopez to vote in person. On Election Day he did just that at the 555 Building across from the Courthouse where he was for Jury Duty which is another story by itself. Once he identified himself the nice lady informed him that his vote had been canceled. He politely explained that he would be voting and convinced her to prepare his ballot which she did, and he did vote.

Who has the ability to cancel someones vote?

Welcome to San Mateo County

By Michael G. Stogner


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5 responses to “San Mateo County Mail In Ballots & Vote Cancelled.

  1. Rotundist

    Aren’t there a number of votes still to be counted?

  2. Brent Turner

    It is a broken system. The country is circling the drain yet there are no alarm bells.

  3. Rotundist

    There are alarm bells all over the place. San Mateo is about to implode.

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