Mark Church How many Ballots?

Update June 22, 2018

San Mateo County had at this time 44.3% turnout with 172,076 ballots counted.

Election Results

June 16, 2018 San Mateo County Elections Office headed by Mark Church has never published on the County’s website how many ballots it had received. Today 11 days after the election the advertising business SMDJ has published that 45,000 ballots remain to be counted. Also News that it mailed out 400,000 ballots thats about 11,000 more than the official registered voter count. Not everybody received the ballot in the mail. Former SMC Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez didn’t receive his, he called to have another mailed to him and was told “NO” Go vote in person. So he did while serving on Jury Duty he went to the 555 Building after identifying himself he was told “Your Vote has been cancelled.

Also missing from the website are the Write-In candidates. This year was a Historical Election Three candidates for Sheriff, one who has been running (forever) 3 years, one for 1 year and one for a month.

The last one was the President of the Deputy Sheriff Association DSA in 2007. He has reported to several reporters that he was ordered by Carlos Bolanos not to talk about or mention Operation Dollhouse. He was the Go-To guy on April 21, 2007 He received several phone calls from Las Vegas starting at 10:15PM that night. He has helped bring out the truth about what really happened that night.

Now today we wait.

Welcome to San Mateo County

by Michael G. Stogner

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One response to “Mark Church How many Ballots?

  1. Bridget Duffy

    I am thinking of asking for an audit of the vote. I was told that if the count is off the county pays for the audit, if it is correct I would have to pay and it could be costly. What if we got as many candidates as possible to make the request, then split the costs if and when we have to. It is obvious something fishy is going on.

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