San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos’s slow response in Angela Hernandez missing person case.


Update 7/18/18 : Medical Condition Hernandez would later learn from doctors that she was suffering from a brain hemorrhage during the first few days after the crash. She also had four broken ribs, fractures in both of her collarbones, a collapsed lung, ruptured blood vessels in her eyes and extreme sunburn on her hands, feet and face.

Update: Interview of Chad & Chelsea Moore the couple who found Angela Hernandez.

Update: Angela Hernandez has been found alive near Big Sur. A couple walking on the beach reportedly discovered her wrecked Jeep nearly 200 feet down a cliff. Big Sur Fire, the CHP and Monterey County Sheriff responded to the couple’s 911 call.
They say she appeared to have a shoulder injury and was talking and could walk.
She says she has been there since July 6, That is 7 days and nights.

Another Interview of Chad & Chelsea Moore

Update: Angela Hernandez has posted these pictures of the wreck on her Facebook.


Here are some facts Angela Hernandez was last known to be at the Safeway Store located at 70 N.Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay on the evening of July 5, 2018. She planned to sleep in her 2011 White Jeep Patriot with Oregon Plates 436KSQ. The next morning at 7:54 AM a text was sent from her phone to her sister “about to start driving” her destination was Lancaster California about 6 hours away. About 8 hours later her cell phone pings at 700 Hwy 1 Davenport California. She was not seen in Davenport, She was last seen in San Mateo County. There are news reports of videos showing her vehicle in Monterey County it turns out the “video of a similar car driving by” MCSO doesn’t identify it was her jeep and no evidence of Angela in the similar car that drove by. So Angela could still be in San Mateo County. There was no Amber Alert issued by SMCSO. Cell Phone data should have compared Cell Tower Pings of all cell phones at the same towers at the same time to see if there was a match. It has now been 7 days since Angela has been seen or heard from.

Just as his staff was quick to take the life (within 20 seconds of arriving on scene) of Hispanic teenager Yanira Serrano-Garcia, in 2014, San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos is now slow to find another Hispanic girl, 23 year old Angela Hernandez, gone missing in his jurisdiction. Rather than cause an all out search for the missing girl and commit the full resources of his agency, newly elected Sheriff Bolanos seems content to palm the matter off to a neighboring jurisdiction, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, leaving the girl’s relatives to search. In fact, his agency has now announced it ended its search for her, ABC-7 July 11, 2018 9:07AM San Mateo County Sheriff Office “Search Party Cancelled.” The next day the SMCSO put this video up.

Should San Mateo County residents expect more from Sheriff Bolanos, a controversial figure who had previously been detained by the FBI, in 2007, in a Las Vegas human trafficking investigation? After all, the trafficking of women does connote a certain contempt for women, devaluing their individual worth as human beings. Or is this again a case of the missing youth being a person of color (Hispanic) versus a person who mattersjust as in the Yanira case?

Has Sheriff Bolanos mobilized the full resources of his agency to find this woman -brought in additional shifts of personnel; called a Phase Three Tac Alert, bringing in additional personnel from neighboring San Mateo County law enforcement agencies; used his agency’s plane; utilized his search & rescue unit; opened up a coast-side command post; methodically searched all coast-side roads; assigned a ranking member of his agency to run the search and keep the community updated versus one lowly detective; etc.?

Has San Mateo County learned NOTHING from the Richard Moss tragedy?

And what is his agency’s solve rate for major crimes -it seldom arrests & books anyone, in comparison to its peers?

Aside from this, where is San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley, the sheriff turned supervisor, whose constituents coast-side residents are? Why hasn’t he weighed in, with a commitment to find the youth to include adding to the reward offered by her relatives? Surely, he sees the need for vision and leadership, in the matter -remember, Sheriff Bolanos left the San Bruno Police Department to coordinate and manage the YouTube facility active shooter, several months ago, while he took a back seat role.

Where was and is the leadership San Mateo County residents should expect of Bolanos with a staff of over 800 and in excess of a 180 million dollar budget?

By Michael G. Stogner

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