Redwood City Police Domestic Violence call turns deadly. Ramsey Saad R.I.P.

Update: The PADP reports “The officers spent a few minutes struggling with the man.” That man’s name was Ramsey Saad R.I.P.

August 13, 2018 A neighbor called 911 at 7:20 PM to report an alleged assault and threat to kill an 83 year old woman. When police arrived at 523 Lanyard Drive Redwood Shores, they saw neighbors restraining Ramsey Saad 55 the son of the alleged victim. A total of 4 police officers arrived and arrested Ramsy Saad, during the arrest he was tased 3 times and he stopped breathing at the scene. It’s not clear if he ever started breathing again from that moment. The District Attorney’s office said he was pronounced dead at a unnamed  hospital which could be true but it looks like he was dead at his home. Timeline still to be determined how many minutes from officers arriving on scene to Mr. Saad stopped breathing? It should be noted that no weapon was mentioned in this case.

His 83 year old mother was not seriously injured.

“This was an individual who had been suffering mental health problems,” Steve Wagstaffe,

Officers Oscar Poveda, Matthew Cydzik, Brian Simmons and Daniel Di Bona were placed on administrative leave until the DA’s Investigation is complete.

Update: August 7, 2018 Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti ” NO Charges have been filed yet.”

Redwood City Police had another Domestic Violence 911 call on August 9, 2018 involving a retired RWCPD Officer named James McGee, The call at 2:00AM a female victim was found in the front yard of his home on Windsor Way, and she was taken to the hospital. Here is where the story is very different, The Police and Swat Team waited over 17 hours for James McGee to come out of his home. He was only arrested for one felony count of D.V. The District has not filed any charges yet, Chief Deputy Karen Guidotti expects to have charges filed by Sept. 7, 2018. His next court appearance is Sept. 12, 2018

Update: As of Sept 10, 2018 The District Attorney’s Office has file ZERO Charges against James McGee.

I’ve reported about the April 22, 2018 Redwood City Police Department receiving a 911 call for Domestic Violence in the San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. Kristina Bell case. They did not arrest her or search home for guns and after being at her home for hours just walked away, and she went back to work the next day as if nothing had happened. That is a Violation of the Domestic Violence Protocol by the RWCPD.

SMCSO Lt. Kristina Bell D.V. 911

Domestic Violence calls are very dangerous, San Mateo County has a D.V. Protocol in place and all Police Departments have signed on to it.

These three case should be Audited, the Mayor of Redwood City and the City Manager should demand it. Compare each with the County Domestic Violence Protocol.

SMCDV Protocol

RWCPD does not wear body cameras, they should, body cameras are a win/win for the public and the police officers.

San Mateo County District Attorney has History of Blaming the DEAD man.

By Michael G. Stogner


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2 responses to “Redwood City Police Domestic Violence call turns deadly. Ramsey Saad R.I.P.

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  2. Bill

    Michael, you’re clearly biased in your reporting. You could benefit by doing a little more research. I believe in transparency. This is why our current president is spot on when he calls out the main stream media as “fake news.” Better luck to you in your reporting endeavors.

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