San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. Andrew Armando to Testify.

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Update: Continued to October 3, 2018

Hon. Judge Mark Forcum continued this motion for the third time which makes the 4th time it has been continued since filed May 1, 2018. He claimed his court had a murder trial going in it. The Lopez Motion will not take very much time at all 2 hours max and most likely 30 minutes should do. One star witness SMCSO Lt. Andrew Armando he will either take the fifth or testify he committed a Felony. Those who Matter don’t want that to happen before another case set for September 10, 2018 goes to trial, reason being as soon as Lt. Armando has his day in court the other case gets DISMISSED. It’s not good when Search Warrants are obtained by a criminal act.

Monday August 27, 2018 9:00AM Courtroom 2H Hon. Judge Mark Forcum will preside in the former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez case which is approaching 4 yrs in SMC’s criminal justice system. You might recall District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe holding a press conference charging Deputy Lopez with smuggling a cellphone and drugs into the jail to a gang member inmate. Mr. Wagstaffe did not hold a press conference when a judge who finally heard the DA’s case threw out those charges, the DA and the Sheriff’s Office knew there was no evidence that connected Juan P. Lopez to those charges. That didn’t stop them or even slow them down. You would think that would cause a normal person to review/audit their own work to answer the question, How did we get it so wrong? Not the case.

Lt. Andrew Armando has been promoted twice since he obtained the Search Warrant to get his hands on Deputy Juan P. Lopez’s cellphone. He was Detective on the date he committed perjury to Hon. Judge George Miriam. After that he was promoted to Sergeant and a short time later promoted to Lt. now in charge of Internal Affairs.

Juan P. Lopez and his supporters knew from the very beginning that Armando’s sworn statement to the judge was a lie. 4 years later he will be on the witness stand.

The residents of San Mateo County should ask how many Search Warrants was SMCSO Detective Andrew Armando and District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd involved in since 2013. I know of one case 80 Search Warrants were issued. Think about that when an entire case is started with a lie, the amount of suffering caused and many guilty pleas to end the nightmare of the legal process in SMC.

May 1, 2018 Filing with perjury allegations.

By Michael G. Stogner

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