San Mateo Daily Journal refuses to post this comment.

Update August 31, 2018 My comment is now online at SMDJ.

I submitted this comment about 7 AM today. If anyone else is being censored by this advertising business send me you comments and I’ll publish here.

Supervisor David Canepa leaves out some important history about Seton funding and staffing the YES on Measure A campaign back in 2012. The 1/2 cent sales tax estimated to produce $60M per year and last for 10 years. It produced over $80M. That was the measure the Grand Jury reported on stating the County Leaders lied to the voters about a deficit that didn’t exist.

Here is todays opinion by San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa. He should also disclose how much money Seton received since the Measure A campaign 2011-12.

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